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TOPIC: Rooms: Attic
Rooms: Attic 8 Years, 5 Months ago  
"Rooms" is an idea for expansions to the Fantasy line that enhance the existing pieces without creating an entirely new line. A "Rooms" set is not necessarily a room unto itself -- it might be just a few pieces that allow the builder to add pieces to other DF sets to evoke scenes and environments not previously available.


This is probably best left as a BIG mod project for some foolhardy -- er, I meant "intrepid" -- soul, but I'm gonna post it anyway. This one verges on becoming a new line of products. Still, a man's reach should exceed his grasp...

Now that we have MBS to make structures above ground, we can look to the upper limit of those structures: the attic. These pieces feature the wooden floor of MBS, but have sloped walls (no less than 45 degrees, no more than 60 degrees) sculpted to look like roofing materials. The interior side of the wall would be a wooden framework, with wooden shingles OR thatch on the exterior side of the wall. The squares adjacent to the roof/wall might be "lost" in terms of placing miniatures, due to the inward slope, but that might contribute to the feeling of limited space that one should have in an attic.

A straight roof/wall piece would have an upright wooden beam in the middle of the edge opposite the roof/wall. One variant piece might have a gap in the shingles/thatch where a thief or monster might enter; another might have a chimney attached. (Which supports the creation of a fireplace piece for another set.)

An inside corner piece would have roof/wall on two adjoining edges. An outside corner piece would be equivalent to three 2"x2" pieces arranged in an L, with roof/wall on the two interior (or concave) edges; there would be an upright wooden beam in the middle of the edges opposite each section of roof/wall, but not diagonally from the corner.

Another way to go is to have end pieces, where roof meets standard MBS wall. It would require two pieces that mirror each other, for each end of the building. End pieces and corners need not be mutually exclusive, however.

A complete set might include six straight roof pieces, one inside corner piece, one outside corner piece, and two of each alignment of end piece. Those dozen pieces would let builders create the attic of an L shaped building 6" wide and 10" long on the long sides (although they need two MBS straight walls, one for each end of the room).

A couple of other accessories might be nice, but I think they should come from other sets. Stairs going down, railings (if the attic is open to the floor below), and trap doors come to mind immediately. (Note that trap doors might lead to the floor below, OR they might open to the street if the top floor overhangs the street, as in some barns and warehouses.) A MBS wall with a round window would be neat, if end pieces are being used.

Again, probably not something for official DF production (at least not anytime soon), but certainly something that you modders and sculptors out there might play with. Thoughts?
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