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TOPIC: Rope Bridge
Rope Bridge 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
Over in Cool Pix, L posted some great pictures of an "Elevated bridge, stirges, etc."

Now, I don't really care for stacking pieces, but it did occur to me that the extra clearance solves one of the problems inherent to making a Rope Bridge -- they arch down instead of up. Clearly you can't have a rope bridge at floor level, but if you designed it to go between tall and/or stacked pieces it works.

The Rope Bridge piece (in my head) would be 1" wide and 4" long, with a gentle concave surface that dips no more than 1" below the ends. The surface might include rough spots or raised planks every 1", to act as a brace to keep minis from sliding.

At either end of the Rope Bridge is a 1"x1" square, flat on top and bottom. (The total length of the piece is now 6".) These are the anchors, that go on top of another piece (Upper or Lower Stairs, Pedestals, future Cavernous Additions, or pieces developed specifically to go with the Rope Bridge). That should be sufficient to hold the piece up, without risk of it slipping off either end and falling.

If the piece is too long, make it 4" (two 1" anchors, and a 2" span) and those who want a long rope bridge can just put a vertical piece in the middle of their chasm/river/lava and put two bridges end to end.

This would go really well with an Outcropping piece, mentioned in waza's "Alternative Cavern Ideas".
Think of it as a natural staircase 6" long, with the highest 2" section carved out beneath it to allow minis to be placed under the outcropping. Due to its size, I'd make the base (4"x4") so that it goes directly on the table, NOT on top of another cavern piece. I think the base is large enough that the center of gravity will allow it to hold four minis on top of the overhang without tipping, but my physics has never been that good...

Thoughts? Suggestions? Problems of balance or center of gravity that I missed?
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Rope Bridge 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
This is actually a decent thing that transparecies can be used for (the rope bridge) if you wanted to bash something now.

WWG's Madien (the ship) has all of the rigging done as transperincies, the rop effect looks quit good. You could do much the same effect as the rigging with transperincies as the three level of ropes on either side of the bridge.
This could work very nice, do either a double thick printed on card stock set of planks, (and the reason i say double thick is so you can do an L bend in the transparinces and glue part the short part between the planks and form a nice open toped long box...

They do something similar in the Legend of Skull Cove set, but it isn't transparent, just a normal card stock bridge.
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Rope Bridge 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
jackattack -- I absolutely love the rope-bridge idea! This would be cool over my river canyon build that I've been experimenting with and L posted pics of in one of the cool pics threads.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.
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