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TOPIC: Multi-Level DF
Multi-Level DF 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
Yukon Cornelius, from "Rooms: Mine"

"Oh, one more thing when it comes to mines.

"Mines need to go DOWN. Sloping passages, uneven floors...they just cry out for multi-level setups.

"DF has always been kind of a one-level concept from its inception, but a set like this would be a natural for including pieces that facilitate multi-level building. Of course, the inclusion of sloped passages and floors would be more of an advanced builder-type set, and aside from the forum regulars, I couldn't even begin to guess at how much demand there is for creating multi-level setups.

"Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll see sloped cavern passages and waterfalls and more multi-level goodness in the future."


I'm four-square against sloping surfaces, and stacking in general.

Sloping surfaces are less stable for placing minis. Hollow plastic bases promote sliding on sloped surfaces. Tall miniatures with small bases tend to topple. If you can't put your minis on the parts of the setup that slope, you are effectively reducing the size and playability of the dungeon.

How is stacking NOT a pain and a half? It's more material to store, carry, and set up.

If you are elevating a portion of your setup that doesn't overlap other areas, why not just place a marker in or beside your setup to indicate that there is a slope or step? (A floor and/or passage piece with canted steps, kinda similar to the Stairs Down piece, might do this nicely for areas with stairs -- simple symbols printed on and cut out of transparency sheets might also work.) I'm not arguing against small platforms inside a room, but elevating entire rooms and/or passages seems highly problematic and unnecessary.

If you are adding a second story to your setup, where are you putting the second floor when the first floor is being used? What do you do when half the party is on one level and half is on the other? Without something like jkratzer's risers www.dwarvenforge.com/dwarvenforums/viewtopic.php?id=904 , it doesn't seem terribly feasible.

I may be wrong. Is there a lot of interest in multi-level DF? How do you see it being done?
Minotaur Lord
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Multi-Level DF 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
The way I go about it is this:

Go to your favorite home improvement store and get some cheap, 1.5" thick styrofoam insulation. It's usually about $10 for something like 20 square feet, in 4' lengths. This serves as a platform for setting up raised areas in a setup. Being 1.5" thick, the foam allows the floor of the second level to be even with the top of the wall of the first level, so the edges of the upper level tiles are not visible. Using this technique, the setup is still linear (meaning that you're not actually hiding any DF pieces beneath the ones you're using, or creating a level that will not be accessible to miniatures play without removing the upper layer first), so you don't need any more pieces (aside from more stairs, boulder ramps, and 3rd-party ladders to allow access to the raised portions.

For levels that go directly above other levels, the plexiglas platform looks like a great option (I need to make some time to put one together for myself soon), but that's not the kind of setup I was referring to in the other thread.

As for "sloping," yes, I agree that an incline would be hell on minis. So, perhaps providing a level landing halfway down a sloped hallway would solve that problem. Or, for caverns, make the slope more stair-like.
Yukon Cornelius
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Multi-Level DF 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
Both of you have good ideas and honest serious concerns here.

Unless it is a visual demo, I always have separate floors simply on another part of the table.
Painted minis are too precious to me as far as time and effort and my Master Maze as far as investment to jeopardize them with slopes and slants, not to mention gamers knocking about what I thought was a well secured, stacked up, multi-level facility.

Some of Jeff's multi-level Cavern pics are really cool, but I would not game them as shown so as to protect my Master Maze and my minis.
I simply put off separate levels onto separate parts of the table or even another table.
"Better safe than sorry!"
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Multi-Level DF 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
YC, jack, RF*;

I think your concerns are why IO made his risers, and I KNOW it's why I DID! All of you have valid points about sloped ramps and placing minis on them.

I set them up the same way jack and RabidFox* do it; put each level on a separate, horizontal plane with a "steps" or similar piece to show where the level link is at. The difference for me and for IO Mike is that we stack them up with the risers to show the vertical relationships of the levels; the 8" gap between levels allows most(!) gamers to get their hands in between the levels to make their moves.

And that's the way I do things. It works for me, and it allows me to show off my models and my skills. Nothing like two birds with one stone.

See ya!

Minotaur Lord
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Jim Kratzer, a/k/a The Mad Yank
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Multi-Level DF 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
Sorry, IO. I couldn't remember who had made the risers, and I didn't go back far enough when I looked through the forums to find them.

Thanks, Jim, for correcting my mistake and giving credit where credit is due.
Minotaur Lord
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