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Colour Catalogue/User Guide Idea
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TOPIC: Colour Catalogue/User Guide Idea
Colour Catalogue/User Guide Idea 8 Years, 2 Months ago  
I was leafing through the old DF paper guides that came with the boxed sets (that old minotaur!) and thought; a lot of really good, innovative ways of using and combining different DF sets appear on the forums, often in the photos section. The new combinations of caverns/passageways/river/lake sets recently aired have also been really inspiring. Then I had an idea I would like to float:

Would it be economically feasable for DF to produce a colour catalogue/guide with photos of big, interesting layouts and set combos. It could be good marketing for new customers and it may appeal to regulars because of the 'layout inspiration' factor.

I know I would buy a catalogue that showed a variety of layouts and combination ideas.

So.... What do people think....?

A good idea or not?
Greyscale or colour?
Would you buy it?

Dave (:
David Wasilewski
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Colour Catalogue/User Guide Idea 8 Years, 2 Months ago  
I'd love it! I proposed, a long time ago, a contest -- people would post pics of their stuff, the winner would get some DF swag, and DF would get the copyrights on the all the photos for use in their promotional materials. Website, or a catalogue like what you're describing.

Sadly, it seems that the time and money a project like this requires are not available to DF, but I'd love to see it happen. Maybe in 2007 after all the new goodies have come out....

Minotaur Lord
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Colour Catalogue/User Guide Idea 8 Years, 2 Months ago  
IF they do a catalog, I'd recommend doing it in color -- B&W doesn't really do justice to DF (you lose the nice paint jobs and a lot of the depth of texture). Also, when I buy something that's already painted, I want to see what it looks like before I buy it -- a B&W photo leaves the possibility that the entire thing was done in varying shades of pink and green.

I, personally, would not BUY a catalog, even for a nominal fee of a dollar or two. I don't like the idea of having to pay for the privelege of seeing something I MIGHT purchase, or might not.

Would catalogs go out in boxed sets sent to distributors, or boxed sets sent to online end-use customers, or both? Should one catalog be sent to each distributor (to stay in the store on the counter), or should one catalog be packaged with each set? Should one catalog be sent to each end-use customer every six months or so, or should there be a catalog in every set they purchase? Done one way, DF might only ship a few hundred catalogs every year; done another way, they might ship thousands. If they only send a few hundred, is it worth the time and effort to do it? Can they afford to send thousands?

The DF URL is, I believe, included on the packaging of every boxed set and individual piece that DF sells. Perhaps if they revived the section of the official website that included pictures of large and innovative layouts, that would serve the same purpose. (Currently, the "Photos!" link at the top of the home page takes you to the "Cool Photos" forum -- while nice, it is not easy to find the photos that best showcase DF products, and many photos include non-DF products that might confuse inexperienced DF shoppers.)

While I hesitate to suggest even more work for the good people at DF, they might transfer the "best" photos from the forum to a dedicated page on the website, along with a list of the various sets and pieces used to create the layout pictured. The problems with doing that include "fair use" and "fair compensation" rules, potential copyright infringement if the layout reproduces a map from a published module, and competition between forum-goers to have their layouts printed in the catalog. It might be best if DF uses their own layouts to avoid various legal and interpersonal issues.
Minotaur Lord
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Colour Catalogue/User Guide Idea 8 Years, 2 Months ago  
jack -

You forgot, DF doesn't DO distributors any longer! They are strictly direct-to-you now!

So now, David and L, the idea of a color catalogue doesn't make sense, because if you back up to the DF Home Page, you HAVE your color catalog! And, it's FREE, jack! (At least, to US; Jeff still has to pay for it.)

On the other hand, the idea of DF-Product-Only photos in a separate Folder of the Forum would be a GREAT IDEA, Jeff!! Using DF sets and solo pieces, with ONLY DF figures and furniture (or CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, Credited figures and furniture from other manufacturers, who agreed to the arrangement) shown, AND A PARTS LIST(!!!!!), would be a great way to both advertise DF products and give samples and suggestions, and perhaps inspirations, to new, veteran, and PROSPECTIVE users!

Jeff, this could potentially be even bigger than the Workbench! It certainly would be another good addition to the forums.

Gotta go; boss just e-mailed a form to work on!

See ya!

Minotaur Lord
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