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TOPIC: Rooms: Pipes
Rooms: Pipes 8 Years, 8 Months ago  
"Rooms" is an idea for expansions to the Fantasy line that enhance the existing pieces without creating an entirely new line. A "Rooms" set is not necessarily a room unto itself -- it might be just a few pieces that allow the builder to add pieces to other DF sets to evoke scenes and environments not previously available.


In the Sewer Room thread, pfworks mentioned adding pipes to a room to make it feel even more like a sewer. But pipes can work in other environments, including modern urban settings, dwarven/gnomish steamworks, the central area that sends water to power a dungeon's traps, and so on. Therefore, I think they deserve to be a new set on their own.

In my head, (fantasy) pipes come in two sizes -- narrow and huge. Narrow pipes come in "bundles" that are (collectively) about the size of a huge pipe (about three or four feet across). Thus, a vertical pipe (bundle) would be sculpted/cast as a column approximately the same size as the DF Red Column. The column might have a horizontal "spur" with a cap on it -- we then have the option of putting it next to a wall to give the illusion that the spur is a pipe going into the stone.


For pipes along a wall, I like the idea of a straight 4"x2" wall piece. Narrow pipes would be "stacked" to minimize their profile (they should take up no more than half the squares adjacent to the wall), OR they might be set side-by-side to form a surface that miniatures can be placed on (the same height and width as a Pedestal). Huge pipes will take up the squares adjacent to the wall entirely. The pipes (either size) come out of the wall at one end, run parallel to the wall and the floor, and go back into the wall at the other end.

Alternatively, the piece could have a wall at each short end (forming a shallow U), and the pipes run straight from one end to the other. If a 4"x4" corner wall piece were sculpted with walls along the north and west face, and short (2") walls on the east (NE) and south (SW) face, then we could have an inside corner piece that matches up. A 4"x4" outside corner isn't too difficult to envision either. I'm reluctant to go too far down this road, however, as the idea is to dress up a Fantasy room, not to create a new Fantasy line.


Freestanding pipes could also be sculpted. A huge pipe might come out of the floor, run horizontally for four inches, then turn back down into the floor; this would provide a movement obstacle and concealment/cover in a large room. A bundle of narrow pipes might form a wall, OR they might form an elevated (Pedestal-height) walkway, depending on how they are configured.

I would limit this particular piece to one of each type (narrow bundle and huge), 4" straight pieces -- it would be really easy to get into curved pipes and corners and pieces that join up at the ends and Ts and Xs and Ys and all kinds of stuff, but that verges on becoming a new line of products. (A line, by the way, that was recently discontinued by another company.)


That's what I've got on pipes. Please feel free to point out any errors in my logic, omissions, or existing products that perform the same function.
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Rooms: Pipes 8 Years, 8 Months ago  
Jack -

Have you seen IO's posts (unless they got hacked) over in Cool Photos about Pipe dreams? He did some EXCELLENT pipework for Sci-Fi; with only a LITTLE work, they could also work for Fantasy.

I'm getting ideas here. That can be dangerous, especially since I have a video to finish before June 18 for Shore Leave, and a P-38 to finish before November for IPMS/Baltimore. After THAT, I still have to finish my F9F-8 Cougar, and THEN I can take a look at doing some serious pipe works for DF Fantasy.

You're going to get me in trouble again.

See ya!

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