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DF and 'outdoors' product line
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TOPIC: DF and 'outdoors' product line
DF and 'outdoors' product line 8 Years, 10 Months ago  
Actually David, when companies in the gaming industry attempt to diversify, that is usually when most of them go under.
TSR & GDW are the two best examples of this that come to mind quickly.
In TSR's case, they wanted to move into doing their own minis back in 1996.
They went into hock up to their necks to do so in October, but were slammed into the ground by a multi-million dollar return of books in December from three major book chains.
When the impact was done in early 1997, TSR was in the basement and was easily bought up by the then-independent Wizard's of the Coast.

Think about it David, GW does not diversify as a company.
What GW does is have members of the company go out and start businesses.
Once those businesses show success after a few years in business, GW steps in and buys up the company.
Otherwise, they simply let the company fail and hire back on the persons who left.
At least, they re-hire the persons most of the time.
Some decide they have had enough GW, cross the "pond" and start working for American companies.
A couple of sculptors for Grenadier were GW refugees of that variety.

For Dwarven Forge to branch out David the way you describe any time in the near future, an investment of several millions dollars US would have to be found from an outside source.
Otherwise, it appears that DF will continue on at just barely above breaking even.

Anyone got the money to invest?
I most certainly wish I did.
Maybe when Sandy and Jim win the Lotto, eh?
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DF and 'outdoors' product line 8 Years, 10 Months ago  
RF* -

No maybe about it!
But, first, we gotta BUY that winning Lotto/Mega Milliions ticket. For some Strange Reason, they keep refusing to sell it to us.
I can't understand it; we've always been so . . . earnest about it.
Maybe it's that crafty look I get when I walk into work on Monday mornings; since Sandy & I both work for the State, they may be thinking, "Hmmm; if we let him win, he'll stop working here."

Oh, well; Sorry, Jeff; Sorry, Stefan; I guess you guys will just have to wait a bit longer for the investment.

But OY! What a party there's gonna be at DF the day we DO hit the big one (assuming it's big enough for ALL we want to do with it)!

See ya!

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