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Cavernous Lake Critters
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TOPIC: Cavernous Lake Critters
Cavernous Lake Critters 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
This thread is an offshoot from the "Cavernous Lakes Photos" thread in the COOL PHOTOS section.

On the one hand, DF has very successfully established itself making terrain/architectural dungeon pieces, so this might not be the sort of thing they want to do. On the other hand, they have also produced very popular orc and lizard-man sets, so there is precedent for them to create monsters to go with their sets.

There are two monsters (sets) I'd like to see DF produce to go with Cavernous Lakes, partly because they'd do a fantastic job and partly because I want them fixed to the tiles to avoid certain balance issues. I'm picturing water tiles with the creature parts finished before the resin-water is added, so we can see that they are rising from the deep AND so they have an absolutely stable base. Also, fixing these to bases allows us to not only buy a cool monster, but to expand our CL sets at the same time.

The first is the Tentacle Set. Include two tiles with four tentacles each (or four tiles with two tentacles each), two tiles with the big squid tentacles that look like paddles, one tile with an octopus body, one tile with a squid body, and maybe one with a periscope eye or other exotic thing. That should give us all kinda options when menacing our adventurers...

The second is a Sea Serpent Set. We need a tile with the head, a tile with the tail, and at least one (double?) tile with a body segment that arches out of the water with sufficient height to allow other miniatures (on a raft) to be placed beneath it. Personally, I think three body segments would be ideal, but that's me.

Does anyone know of existing miniatures that approximate what I'm describing? Does anyone know of other existing miniatures that depict monsters rising from the water that are designed to rest on a flat surface? Does anyone have other ideas for aquatic critters they'd like to see DF produce?


Okay, now a quick word about those little plastic animals you can find at the toy store. It occurs to me that some of them would do nicely as water-borne menaces, but many of them would look a bit odd resting on top of the water. ("Hey, DM, is that crocodile actually walking on the surface of the lake?") I'm thinking of crocodiles and alligators, sharks, hippoes, and plesiosaurs and other dinosaurs.

I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm useless with tools and knives, but I think that careful use of a miter saw or belt sander would remove the "extraneous bits" and leave us with just the parts that would be visible if the animal were rising from the water to attack. For safety (to keep our fingers away from flashing blades and roaring abrasive pads) I recommend (but haven't tried) pushing the part of the critter you want to keep into a stiff block of clay -- in theory, that gives you something much easier to hold. Can someone with experience and skill at using tools comment on that, or suggest an alternative method?
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Cavernous Lake Critters 8 Years, 9 Months ago  

I think that it would be great to include beasties like this in a Water Expansion set, some kind of Wet Wicked Additions set.


1 waterfall wall piece, for those of us who want to "stack" levels and have the river move from one to the next. A regular wall/river piece, with water pouring down the wall and splashing in the base

1 whirlpool water piece

1 extra large water floor (for quicker "making of really big lakes")

1 sea monster-half-submerged piece

1 set-of-tentacles-emerging piece

The DF miniatures have not been the greatest success for the company, so I can understand them being gun shy about continuing with that idea. BUT these would be different -- they'd be water accessories, and they'd be WICKED cool. I know I'd want 'em!

And I think you're right about converting cheap monsters -- I'd been considering getting a box of lizardman skinks from GW (the smaller lizardman beasties they make, a box of like 20 costs $30) and carving some up for this purpose. My only fear is that the water will be so clear, and so many things like stalagmites will be submerged, that it will be obvious that these beasties don't have lower halves under the water -- the illusion won't quite work, especially since some things WILL continue under the surface....

I don't know, I'm VERY excited to see these pieces in person. Water, especially tinted water, photographs very oddly, so I feel like they are going to be very different in person. June can't get here soon enough!

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