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Natural & Finished Stone Transitions
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TOPIC: Natural & Finished Stone Transitions
Natural & Finished Stone Transitions 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
There is a piece or two (Twisted Conversion) that bridge the transition between natural and finished stone (cavernous and standard dungeon styles), but only at what are essentially doorways. One room is entirely finished, and the next chamber is a cavern. I'd like to see some pieces that allow the transition from one style to another in the middle of a chamber or passageway.

Perhaps the gnomes haven't finished working on the cavern walls; perhaps the dwarves found a portion of the caverns aesthetically pleasing and left it untouched; perhaps there is a safe path through the cavern that the party must not stray from; perhaps orcs invaded the dungeon before construction was complete; perhaps the lich-cult only needs a finished area in part of the cavern to carry out its dark rituals; perhaps earth elementals are slowly reclaiming the dungeon. There are all sorts of reasons that a chamber might include both finished and unfinished stone.

First, two straight wall pieces, half dungeon and half cavernous, one mirroring the other. (One piece is dungeon on the left and cavern on the right, one piece is dungeon on the right and cavern on the left.)

Second, three floor tiles. One-quarter dungeon and three-quarters cavernous, half and half, and three-quarters dungeon and one-quarter cavernous. I suppose we could just put the existing floor tiles next to each other, but the quarter-combo tiles would let us smooth out edges and curves...

A Transitions Set might include one of each straight wall piece, 2 1/4-3/4 tiles, 4 half and half tiles, and 2 3/4-1/4 tiles, for a total of ten pieces.

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Natural & Finished Stone Transitions 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
I'd like to see that.

At the same time, it sounds like it would be a relatively easy conversion. The first, basic cavern set has two transition pieces, IIRC. One is a cave entrance, and one is not, it's just a regular conversion into a passage set.

If you took that second one, you could probably get some putty or garnet gel (or some similar texture medium) and smooth out some of the bricks, create your own transition so it is not so sudden.

Then just prime it matte black, drybrush some greyish brown, and you've got a good un.

It's not THAT easy -- you have to have SOME skill with paint and sculpting -- but it is comparably easy to do, and it doesn't involve cutting or shaping or working with resin.

It's not as good as an honest-to-goodness actual DF piece, but for people aching for that kinda thing, it can be done.

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Natural & Finished Stone Transitions 8 Years ago  
That would be a great WA Set..!! Or advanced builders set....
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