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Tribute to Classis Dwarven Forge Packaging
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TOPIC: Tribute to Classis Dwarven Forge Packaging
Tribute to Classis Dwarven Forge Packaging 9 Years, 2 Months ago  
Thanks everyone, stoked that you like them.

Stefan: Thinkingabout doing rooms with "drop in" entrance plugs, maybe the drop in plugs could have murals or recessed archways, some sort of interesting architechtural features?

IO: Thank you very much. The story was me just trying to emulate you....I took the picture w/o much of a narrative in mind.
Like I've said before, the painting is very simple, either greys and cashmere drybrushed with black washes, or just a cashmere drybrush. Cashmere is my magic ingredient for blending terrain with DF.
About half the pieces are plaster of paris, and the other half are Hydrostone (POP/Cement mix). The POP pieces do chip easily, but I'm going to try to amror them somehow, either by clearcoating the heck out of them or dipping them in acrylic floor wax. I haven't had a Hydrostone pieces chip yet however. I'd like to switch to dental plaster if I can get it in dark grey or black, however.
I'm almost afraid of what you would do with some of these molds!

Regarding the wall height issue. As you can see, all of my pieces are 2" tall, so there's not much room for the fancy architechtural features as of yet. Keeping in mid that 2" is 10 scale feet, which is your average dungeon level, I do plan on making some larger room pieces that are 4" tall to represent rooms iwth more ceiling height, so as to have fancy walls and level transitions as well... ascending staircase room, balconies, etc. Becasue of stacking considerations, I'd like everything in my dungeon to be in 2" increments heightwise.
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Tribute to Classis Dwarven Forge Packaging 9 Years, 2 Months ago  
Bump up to get MLV's attention to my question... 8-)
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Tribute to Classis Dwarven Forge Packaging 9 Years, 2 Months ago  

Your Ideas about Glueing Existing DF together are Pretty Much Spot on with what I was Thinking...<Grin>... But I am a Notorious Procrastinator when it Comes to Projects lately...<Chuckle>...


Right on! I Love Your Solution with HA, that is a Beautiful, Utilitarian Construction... And With the Drop in Doors and Walls, Well... Pc's will never Know Where a Secret Door Might Turn up...<HeHeHeHe>... Excellent Paint Job as Well BTW, I Dig Your Work...


YES-YES-YES!!!! The Functionality of Being able to Build Unique Settings is One of the True Strong Points of DF that I Love SOOO Much... So I Would Not Want that to Go away,

BUT... Generic Rooms that Could have Elements of Walls, Doors, Fire Places, Windows, Bars, Torches, Tomb Entrances, Murals, Fountains, Cave Mouths or Whatever would be Tremendous!!!!

Perhaps have 3 Sides of the "Room" fitted with the Two Inch Gaps that Could be easily Connected to Passages or For Having Doors or Walls Dropped in... Then Leave a Wider Gap of perhaps 6" along one "Wall" for Longer Wall Sections, And Larger Set Pieces... This Could Also be Left "Open" and Connect to another Similar "Room" to Create a Really Big Chamber?

I Know that I Would Definately use this Type of Set a lot, Especially if there were Two or Three Sizes... Though Two Sizes would be Plenty Sufficient since Multiple Sets Could Go End to End to Create the Larger Chambers Discussed above...

I Did Not Warm to the Ogres Den Right away because it was So Specific, and had Only the One Entrance, (Thus Limiting the Modularity you Spoke of above), though I Did Eventually Buy it and Now I Really Like it... With this Newer Concept However, the Modularity is sort of Built in, because the Drop-ins Could Go A long way towards its Versatility! Not to Mention the Potential for The "Theme Packs" of Furnishings that Could be Made Such as a Library, Wizards Study, Kitchen, Torcher Chamber or Whatever Wackiness You Might "Conjure" up...

In Short (Yeah, right...<Grin>...), I For One would Get a lot of Use out of Such Pieces, and Would love to See them in Production...


The Picture I Posted above is Nothing More than a Quick Hack Job using a Basic Windows Paint Program... I merely Made the Scale (1 Inch Grid) Floors as 2x2 Blocks... Then I Created a 1x0.5 Wall which I Laid over One of the Floors, Then I Did the Same to Make the Corners... That's the Easy Part... Since all of the DF Pieces are Roughly based on Variants of 1x2 (Stairs), 2x2 (Floors and Walls) Etc.. The Basic Pieces are VERY easy to Make... The Problems Come for me with Curved Passages, and Caverns, as My Really Simple Paint Program Does Not Do Arcs well at all...<Sigh>... While I Would Be Happy to Give any one that Wants it the Art Work that I have already Created, (Simple BMPs) I am Affraid that they are Not That Useful for the more Complex Pieces...


I Would Certainly Love to See these (Larger Rooms, with Removeable Wall Sections) in ALL of the Current DF Lines... They would Trully Facilitate Laying Down the Basic Rooms Quickly, and Would be Flexible enough to make great Use of existing Sets to Give Each Actual Dungeon/Map it Unique Attributes and "Feel"...
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