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Zin Gonost - New Tactical RPG
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TOPIC: Zin Gonost - New Tactical RPG
Zin Gonost - New Tactical RPG 9 Years ago  
Hey everyone, been a while since I posted. So I picked up this game recently called Nin Gonost. The only thing I can relate it to is kind of like heroquest meets space hulk. There's no DM per say, but every player has a party of evil or good characters up to a certain points value and they play on the map and complete missions. It's more of a strategy (space hulky) game with miniatures but you can come up with some nice stuff. The cool thing is the dungeons themselves are about DF scale and they have these cool magnets in them for interlocking. The base set doesn't come with alot of tiles but when you add the DF stuff it meshes really nice. They come unpainted so matching them to DF is great. I'll post some pics up in a bit when I reset it up. (Still in progress of painting etc). Check out their website at www.adiken.com
I have a scenario for 4 people that we played. One player gets 4 dwarven heros, one player gets 6 human heros, one player gets 8 orcs and a cave troll and the last player gets 12 orcs and an orc hero.

The dwarven citidel has fallen to an army of orcs. The dwarves have been driven out and continue to run strike missions to harrass the enemy. The orcs have brought in cave trolls and they are too entrenched. The dwarven king has sent a party of dwarven heros to enter the royal catacombs and return with the ancient dwarven axe "Orc Cleaver". The human king of the neighboring area has sent a band of human heros to help. The setup is good evil good evil and they play in that order. The dwarves have to enter from the south of the board while the humans enter from the north. The orcs get certain number of guys on the board to start and get reinforcements. The dwarfs have to come in, inspect each sarcophagus and find the axe and then make it out alive. The orcs have to stop them at all cost.

As you can see, it's not a rpg where "the good guys always win", it's a straight up good vs evil with both sides being roughly equal trying to win the objective. It's pretty slick, it plays fast and they have a unique dice system (It's really just dice with the added bonuses, like a dice that rolls only 10-15 for a +9 hammer for example) but it makes for a fast paced game. You also roll whats called a "fate dice" it's a 6 sider that is clear with one side having a star pattern. If that comes up, all kinds of things can happen, armor is ignored, fatal hit, arrow through the eye etc. Makes it so that even that one lone orc can get lucky and take down the massive armored hero.

Well I'll try to get some pics up but just thought I would share that with the community.

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Zin Gonost - New Tactical RPG 9 Years ago  
hi! i was always aware about that game, but am still undecided...the magnetic tile idea seems to be a good one, although i have read a post about tiles not fitting, especially when building corners (i think it was over at boardgamegeeks.com). i have also already visited the adiken site. what makes me think about the game is the minatures: they look ugly! are they realy that ugly? perhaps you can better judge this, having the game at home... thanks
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Zin Gonost - New Tactical RPG 9 Years ago  
I Had Seen this Before as Well... (And I Think that they were Doing a Demo there but I did not stick around to see it)... I was Not that Impressed with the Dungeon... How Does it Play?
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