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Siege of the Sacred Spring
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TOPIC: Siege of the Sacred Spring
Re:Siege of the Sacred Spring 10 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
@ Endar & dndgamer - Thanks guys

@ TK 266 - A setup like this takes most of a day to complete, but that's with me being picky and changing a room a half dozen times before it looks just how I want it. :) I didn't use this particular setup for a game, but my players would probably clear a dungeon this size in an an evening of gaming. My game setups tend to have more rooms and fewer details (more function less form) and we clear them in one or two days of gaming depending on the mix of role playing vs. dungeon crawl.

@ Stefan - Reading your post made me smile. I appreciate the kind words, but the real thanks is all to you my friend! DF is steroids for my imagination...or maybe I should say crack ;)

jackattack wroteFeymous, you have arrived It does feel good to receive such words of praise, but the building is never done for a DF addict. :)

@Pojoh - Thanks and welcome to the forum. I'm flattered that your first post is on my thread.
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