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Disturbed Peace of Holy Crypt
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TOPIC: Disturbed Peace of Holy Crypt
Re:Disturbed Peace of Holy Crypt 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
Well Last night was the game.... It started like a well oiled assault on the dead...

We had the addition of a Lv3 Thief to the party Havlow the Halfling.

The party entered the lower left corner... 21 Skelly's lurked the tomb. Flickering yellow fires warmed the the corners yet the evil chill of Green flame make the very bones of the adventurers hurt.

Palley's shoulder to shoulder ripping Skelly's apart with ease. Clerics behind smashing the undead at the sides of the passage magic user at the rear. after the first 3 rounds 18 undead are gone out of 21 that lingered after the town raid... the last 3 against the rear walls from turning of the lv3 cleric.
On rounds 4-6 the clerics anointed and blessed the 2 closest crypts, the thief climbed between the foul Green fire pits so as to search the center crypt for treasure... (Trigger D4 rounds.... Result...2) and the last of the active undead are gone.
Rounds 7-8 Priests cleanse 2 more crypts moving across the rear of the tomb (4 of 10 crypts are no longer able to Spawn).
Round 9 the 6 remaining Crypts Spawn the first wave of Skelly's... They came from the back.... The front and the far side.... (Spawn Rolls 4,4,4,3,3,2,1)...21 Skelly's grabbed at the adventurers... 4 reached out from the center tomb and tore the poor thief into the afterlife with 4 successful strikes. The clerics attacked from the rear saved only by the alertness of their lowest members screams as 4 Skeletons swarmed him. Lucky for the Magic User the 2 Palley's worked like a wall of flesh and steel. 2 clerics failed to turn undead while one was blessed by the God's and managed to turn 8 from the conflict....
Round 10 the party destroyed the last of this batch of Bones.

Turn 2

Thief, 1st Lv and one 2nd level clerics are dead.

Round 1 the party heals each other.... the Lv3 Cleric gets to work praying/blessing and anointing the 5th crypt.
The magic User climbs across the Green Evil Fire Pits so as to read magic from the center crypt (Trigger D4......Result 1 round delay).
Round 2 Second Spawn arrives...(5 D4 rolls [4s generate Zombies]...4,4,2.2,1) 8 Zombies and 5 Skeletons arrive....
The Clerics keep at work cleansing the crypts while the Palley's crumble bones the Magic user is on his own....he slips on a ring of flying and retreats to the ceiling while Skeletons and zombies claw at anyone close.
Round 3 One more crypt cleansed (4 to go). Clerics turn undead successfully and the Pally's continue to grind down the undead.... the 3rd level cleric is even saved when the Magic user shoots down a zombie with a pair of magic missiles.
Rounds 4-8 Healing and destruction of the last of the second spawn.
Round 9 the Magic user lands between the fire pits and while reading the silver writing on the center tomb touches one with his foot(Trigger ...D4... 2 Rounds to Spawn).
Round 10... one more crypt cleansed....3 to go

Turn 3

Round 1..... FINALLY! The Magic User Casts Erase on the Silver Writing (No more spawns after this Wave.... ( This time one Ghoul will Spawn from the remaining crypts along with the D4 rolls.... 4,4,2... 3 Ghouls, 8 Zombies, 2 Skelly's) The Pally's are immune to Paralysis so they have their work set out for themselves..... the Lv 2 Pally is slain. Everybody has used up their heal spells, potions and lay hands abilities.
Magic User casts Flaming Sphere and grinds it over the Zombies.
Level 2 Cleric turns the remaining Skelly's and zombies and gets Paralyzed by the 3rd Ghoul.
Rounds 2-10 Lv3 Cleric continues to work on crypt cleansing.
Pally Lv3 removes Paralysis from Lv2 Cleric.
At Round 5 the sound of children is heard coming from the center crypt...

Several turns of Hints of past conversations elapse until the Mage figures out he should cast a Knock Spell on the lid of the center crypt.... and the lid can be removed freeing the towns kids.

End..... Or so we believe!

It was a lot of fun to run but despite my hard line DM image I fudged a number of dice rolls in favor of the party... if I hadn't they would have all died violently like the magic user doing a repeat of the thief maneuver... and the first spawn roll being all but one 4s and Skeletons rolling natural 20s 18-20% of the time. Next time I will have 1/3rd of the skeletons be archers.
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Re:Disturbed Peace of Holy Crypt 1 Year, 5 Months ago  
That's pretty intense.

Burning/Blazing Skeletons are also ranged, and I think would've went well with the burning pyres. ;)

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