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More Catacombs fun....
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TOPIC: More Catacombs fun....
Re:More Catacombs fun.... 1 Year, 8 Months ago  
jgardner44 wrote:
Beautiful set up. I would also love to know where your figures are from. Thanks in advance for any details.

I will be the third person asking about your undead figures. They are great and your paint job really shows them off. The broken skull, broken shields, and then the zombie eating entrails... Priceless. Any information on them would be appreciated.
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Re:More Catacombs fun.... 1 Year, 8 Months ago  
Law, great setups!

Most mini are from Games Workshop



GW is great to generate mass generic armies. Also, remember that you should buy them cheaper from alternate distributors for about 40% cheaper. Skeletons are real easy to paint!
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Re:More Catacombs fun.... 1 Year, 8 Months ago  
Yup -- GW skeletons and zombies. There are few minis purchases that have satisfied me more than those GW skeletons. For people who enjoy assembling and painting figures, they're a blast. They are a good price, about $30 for a box of 20 figures or something along those lines, so you're getting a good number of figures AND a good per-figure price. They come with enough parts that you can create a lot of different kinds of skeletons. If I recall correctly (it's been awhile) you can make one or two entirely "naked" skeletons (with no armor of any kind) in the set, and the rest have to wear SOMETHING, though you can keep it to a belt for a sword or a shin-guard or something if you want mostly bare skeletons, or you can armor them pretty extensively. They can wield all manner of weapons and shields, of course. And since you're attaching limbs and heads yourself, you can pose them differently (legs come pre-posed, though) and you can tilt the skulls for a real "skulking abomination" feel. There's a lot of room for creativity.

Then you can paint up the shields and armor however you like -- I've done groups in shades of turquoise etc. for my ROTA displays, and deep crimson for regular dungeon stuff. It's a blast. Plus, painting skeletons is pretty basic. You slop on some basic bone color, add a brown inkwash, then drybrush. It's literally three or four passes for a great result, and you can do a whole batch at once.

Oh, almost forgot -- some of my figures are kitbashes combining the basic skeleton set with another set of skeleton lords. I forget the name of the set -- but it was a little more expensive, it only makes 10 figures I think, and they're far more extensively outfitted. They come with insanely elaborate bat-winged helms, and long flowing robes, with broken armor draped across them, etc. In some cases I swapped out parts. Can't even remember which, or if any of the kitbashed figures are in these pictures, but I didn't want to mislead anyone. If you see the regular skeleton set and it doesn't seem to have the particular helmet or weapon you saw in one of my pics, it probably DOESN'T have that. Browse around through the bsaic plastic sets GW has in their Vampire Lords army and you'll see the basic components I was working with.

Can't say enough about how great these figures are -- so happy they have a catacomb to skulk about in now!
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