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First Ever Major Build for Home Brew Campaign
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TOPIC: First Ever Major Build for Home Brew Campaign
First Ever Major Build for Home Brew Campaign 1 Year, 5 Months ago  

This is the bottom layer of my table. This pic shows half of the under ground lake.

The adventurers will have to figure out how to open both doors simultaneously in order to enter the room. They must pick the locks at the same time in order to keep the doors unlocked (they only have one rogue).

This is the second level of my table (you have already seen in the above picture the bottom level of my table) and the entrance to the dwarven stronghold. You will see in the hallway leading out of the lake the fungi (look at the hallway and you will see the green fungi) as well as a small water elemental (see the water pool (Trap Set 2) in the hallway).

You are viewing the bottom layer in my table and also the second level of the dwarven stronghold. Here is a pool when looked upon will trigger a magical trap. When viewing the pool the person see's images of themselves brutally killing their party members.

This is my terrain set up on top of my table after the tap-top planks have been set back in place. You're looking at the road that leads through the Estrovian Forest, the recluse druid's home that lives in the forest and at the back of the table, the forest glen guarded by a Dire Boar, tree that grapples (tree is made up of vines), and an Accursed Pool.

This room houses more of dead dwarven skeletons and a cursed spirit. This was originally the room that cooked the dwarves meals a 1,000 years ago.

This is the second half of the lake. You will see a river/path on the right of the picture that leads the players from the above level in my table to this lower level. The players will have to battle the black ooze right next to the exit from the lake to the path.

You gotta have spiders in a dwarven dungeon in the mountains right? Most of the wealth found by the adventurers will be what was worn by the 1,000 year old dead dwarves. I think it makes sense as the most likely way there would be treasure.

Coming from the lake down the hallway is when the characters encounter this cave in. You will also notice the Gelatinous Cube at the side of the lake. Guess who follows them in the hallway and traps them?

This is the last room before the adventurers head out of the cavern into a wide chasm and try to discover the invisible bridge. The only way to get out of the room is by saying the phrase the group discovered in the adventurer's log book they found. If they say this quote "The hidden path in the sky will lead the way" then the outdoor will open. Note the entrance into the room is door with the face that turns mean once they enter.

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Re:First Ever Major Build for Home Brew Campaign 1 Year, 5 Months ago  
Nice layout, looks like that will be a cool adventure.
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