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TOPIC: Hellscape 2
Re:Hellscape 2 1 Year, 10 Months ago  
Glad you liked the pics!

As far as higher elevations go -- well, maybe the Cavernous Chasm set just spoiled me, but I found that I wasn't particularly happy with my attempts to do tiered displays with HS sets. I think there may be a pic or two somewhere in a set that I've posted here that shows a hint of it.

The way I see it, there are several problems to doing a complex, tiered layout with the HS sets:

1. The lava. This is something that bugs me personally, since I like a seamless environment, and part of what I love about DF is how completely immersive it is. If I wanted just a few accessories and was prepared to "use my imagination" to fill in the gaps, I would not be using this product. And the fact is, the lava streams come out of the middle and then just disappear when you stack these pieces. Without lava coming down the walls, it's going to look a little odd.

On the plus side, this would be easy for DF to fix. HS3 can be a Hellscape Chasm set that includes free-standing walls specifically designed to work with lava floors above them. Since most of HS involves free-standing walls anyway, it'd be a particuarly easy swap-out to do.

2. The walls. While I'm on the subject -- other THAN the free-standing walls, very few of HS walls work for stacking. There are a lot of funky curves and so forth, and without a Chasm set providing us with custom floors to meet those contours, things don't line up. HS 2 gives us one wall that is long and flat, that lines up with the floor above, but it's still not nearly enough for a layout. Plus, since we have so few straight walls, a layout that works this way would be very monotonous and look strange -- the same basic two walls repeated endlessly.

Now, the Chasm set did a lot to make different cavern elevations really work -- we got funky ledges and bridges and all sorts of things to make a layout that not only looked whole and organic (as opposed to cobbled-together from pieces that don't really line up right) but also was really visually interesting, and made for great gaming environment challenges.

We don't absolutely NEED that to do a more humble two-level Hellscape layout. But I wouldn't really be crazy about a two-level HS layout without fixing these other problems -- and if a HS Chasm set did come out to fix them, and ALSO included some of this other stuff, well that would just be gravy, wouldn't it?
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Re:Hellscape 2 1 Year, 10 Months ago  
+1 on wanting a hellscape chasm set please! Of course Id like to see lava lakes and lava rivers sets too.
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12x cavern ks sets
6x lava river ks set
5x lava cavern ks sets
1x wicked cavern ks set
1x stalagmite cavern set
12x hellscape #1sets
10x hellscape #2sets
2x resin ice cavern sets
6x gametile ice cavern sets
4x ruins sets

Hoping for more lava and ice tiles in the future!
Re:Hellscape 2 1 Year, 8 Months ago  
yes please to hellscape lava walls and a river/lake of lava set. one set could do bothe rivers and lakes and the lava wall and perhaps a lava falls tile could be in hellscape 3 or individual sale. or make it all part of hellscape 3.
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