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Barrow-wights ambush + Wildmen outpost
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TOPIC: Barrow-wights ambush + Wildmen outpost
Barrow-wights ambush + Wildmen outpost 10 Years ago  
I just picked up the Grendel beds, and I painted two of them. Here are my thoughts on them:

1. I got them for an inn setup -- with all the other great "inn" stuff, I thought that it would be incomplete without nice beds.

2. Grendel does something kinda neat, kinda frustrating. The bed set includes a LOT of beds, but they aim for a fantasy setting, so they keep the various races in mind. There is one large bed, one bed that could either be a single or a bed for children, and then various smaller beds, all the way down to pretty damn tiny. No beds for giants, but clearly beds for smaller races. Basically, no two beds are the same size. (though they could be the same scale -- human, human child, elf, elf child, halfling, halfling child)

So -- if you get two or three bed packs, you're all set for anything! But of course, I'd still rather be able to set up my inn with just one set....

3. It bothered me that there were no good beds around, and the little hay piles in the DF set were always my least favorite DF accessory. It eventually dawned on me that the absence of good beds, of thrones, of proper library bookshelves, all fell into the same category: stuff is made for dank, abandoned dungeons, not for proper living quarters. Certainly that's how DF approaches it.

Once I thought about it that way, I didn't want beds as much. Nothing civilized LIVES in these dungeons, so there would be no proper beds. I am glad I got some for an inn, but they aren't something I've wanted in the meantime.

It reminds me of one of Orwell's animal commandments in Animal Farm: No animal shall sleep in a bed. (later ammended to "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets")

No shambling mounds, orcs, dire rats, gibbering mouthers, or otyughs shall sleep in a bed either. ;)

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Barrow-wights ambush + Wildmen outpost 10 Years ago  
Maybe not... But No Self Respecting Evil Villain, who has Started Adopting Pet Orcs to Protect His/Her Private Dungeon H.Q. is Going to Sleep on the Floor Either... Nor the Wizard in the Warded Tower... (However Absent Minded they may be), Nor do I Think that the Brigand Chieftain, who has made a Hide out of the Old "Abandanded" Dwarven Mine in the Hills, Is likely to be Sleeping on Pallets... (If nothing Else he would want to Impress the Various Young Maidens he Captures for Ransoming back to their terribly Distraught Guardians)... I Think that Beds Can be a Useful addition... And then yes there is of Course Ye Olde Inn, Which because of Lack of Beds or for wanting of a Good Bar Counter, upto now is represented by one of several 2D printed Tiles...
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