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The Dragon's Keep
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TOPIC: The Dragon's Keep
The Dragon's Keep 2 Years ago  
Well, what a surprise, a visitor! I get so few these days, now that the blasted demon and his stinking band of orcs have taken residence in the upper keep. Seems you shorter lived races worry a lot about losing your souls to such creatures and so keep your distance. But please, sit, be welcome! Don't worry, I've already eaten today.

I see by the grey in your beard, you must be a veteran adventurer. You'd have to have a few old tricks in your bag to sneak in here the way you did. What's that? Did you surprise me? Don't fool yourself human, I smelled you the moment you slipped past the outer gate. However, you do impress me. You must possess a great amount of guile and stealth I think, lest you never could have made it past the depraved dwarf and his fanatic band of cultists at the temple. But how did you get past the guardian in the old crypt passage? Not telling? Well, never mind, I will let you keep your secrets.

Did you enjoy your journey through the warrens? There's so much to see down there. The ogre twins, the old bat demon pretending to be a demigod, the archon who dwells at the river vortex.....oh, and the wonderful assortment of malicious beasties! And let us not forget the hidden treasure of Azdikour. That's the real reason you came isn't it, to find the world's largest gold nugget? But you couldn't find it and so you wandered up here to the old keep hoping to find something else to make your fortune. Well, even if you did find the treasure, you'd likely be killed by the elemental that reportedly guards it. So count yourself lucky in your failure.

And don't think I cannot see you surreptitiously spying my hoard. You should know that every bit of it came from fools just like you, treasure seekers who fell in the caves below or were taken by the cult and sacrificed to the soul pit. Hmmm? Well, obviously the dwarf pays me a tithe. He's crazy but he's not stupid. He knows I suffer his presence only as a guard to my lair. I care not what he does to the souls of you lesser races, just as long as I get my fair share of the loot.

That horn you just heard? Oh, that's just my resident wizards and their dead assistant. They must have started the ritual to summon and bind the dead. It seems they seek to bind a spectre and make it read to them from the Book of the Damned. No living man can read from the book and they dare not risk their dear dead apprentice. I really doubt their plan will work. But no matter, they have a prisoner they can make undead if the ritual fails. I caught him down in the warrens a few months ago, another thief like yourself. Oh I'm sorry, did I offend you? You don't like my tone, thief? Well then, pick up that sword of yours. I'd love to see how well you wield it before I add it to my hoard........

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Re:The Dragon's Keep 2 Years ago  
wonderful set-up. Where are your red-robbed figures from?
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I would love to see the following sets in the future...
Ice caverns expansion set 2
Hellscape expansion set 2 (lava lake, rivers, lava falls)
Cavernous Rivers expansion waterfall
Re:The Dragon's Keep 2 Years ago  
Great naration!!!

Those are the Blood of Vol cultist minis from WoTC (Blood War set, available on e-bay for around $3 a pop)
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Re:The Dragon's Keep 2 Years ago  
Cool setup, very atmospheric! :)
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