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PFS at Conventions - Blakros Museum
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TOPIC: PFS at Conventions - Blakros Museum
PFS at Conventions - Blakros Museum 3 Years, 11 Months ago  
It has been a while that I have been posting here. It's not that I no longer use DF - it just seems I spend now more time on the PaizoBoards - specifically in the Pathfinder Society area.
For my games I try to use DwarvenForge whenever possible. For a home game (Sunrise Lodge UK) this works fine. Conventions can be a bigger issue. At the first one I carried a suitcase up and down the subway in London. It was our largest suitcase and heavy.
At PaizoCon UK half a year later I thought I had learnt my lesson and arrived with lots of boxes. While it worked a lot better - I only realized well past 1 am in the night that I hadn't left my gaming table for >15 minutes during the last 15 hours as build up and especially stow away did eat up all of my breaks. Luckily I had my wife bringing me food to the table - and gamers bringing me some beer - plus enough DrPepper close by.
So when I planned for Conception - having signed up to GM a total of 9 slots - I felt there had to be a better way.

Below are some pictures that show the result.

The first one shows the Blackros Museum in an older Setup using several RotA sets.

Picture 2 shows some boards I created. Just 6.50 pounds for boards and the wooden railing. I did flock the first one but ran out of time to prepare the second one in the same way. This time I used the Den of Evil sets. You will see that the layout is slightly different. Classic DF should be able to build up both of the set-ups. But I'm a little bit more limited in design with the DoE or RotA sets.
The other pictures show the board build up and in action.

So any advice to give?

Doing the boards took approx. 1 hour (without flocking them). I realized my nails were too long - but I just pushed some back if they went through the board. Cutting the strips to lengths was quick and I added them while I had the layout on the board.
Does it work with different DF? I will have to check it out, There are sometimes slight differences in size and I haven't tried yet to build it up using the classic set. Once I do I will report back and see if I did it too tightly.

One advice it - check out the boot of your care. As you can see I did two boards - Blackros Museum public area (Mist of Mwangi, Penumbral Accords) and first level below (Voices in the Void). Unfortunately it seems I never took photos while it was build up. I got lucky as the longer one fitted perfectly in my car (Skoda Octavia) - but an added 5 cm and I would have been out of luck.

You can store them on top of each other - and you just need to add another board on top. Just ensure they can't move sideways - and they are pretty save during transport.

I did transport the boards a total of 7 times back and forward from my car to my gaming table. The extra holes I added are not really necessary for pick-up. Nothing really moves while carrying them. Off course - you still should be careful. An original DF box will survive a lot better if you actually drop such a board.

So all in all - it was some extra work preparing - but it was worth it. It did save me lots of time building up - and especially taking down again. The players loved it - and we had some great games.


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