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In the Jungle of Sweet Smelling Death Part II
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TOPIC: In the Jungle of Sweet Smelling Death Part II
In the Jungle of Sweet Smelling Death Part II 6 Years, 1 Month ago  
In the Jungle of Sweet Smelling Death Part II

Synopsis: After our last semi successful mission into the Jungle of Sweet Smelling Death we realized we needed more muscle to stand up to the dangers of the wild. We hired on a couple extras to carve out a bloody path through the jungle. Our plan was to find the Yig Yig village and burn it, ideally slaughtering the cursed witch bitch and recovering some of our valuables.

This was the first session where we ran two characters each, as attendance was down to two or three players. The focus on roles in 4E makes smaller groups a little sketchy. I was a little skeptical as for the roleplaying side of running two characters for the other guys who've never DMed but they all handled it quite well.

The characters (grouped by who played the pair):

Ree Kee the Viole(n)t, evil Altanian warlord
Hellhammer "The Unkillable" Hammerfist, evil mountain dwarf warlock

Milo, son of Shilo, evil human wizard
Rolin the Elf, neutral elven ranger

Lunaldor, Prince of Whores, evil half elf rogue

An agreement is reached between the newcomers while heading into the jungle. Milo takes five and has a lay down.

Look out for the savage lizards guarding the village!

Kill those damn guard lizards!

What is that tumor covered, mind dominating creature? A radioactive mutant! The radioactive mutant takes a spill from a sharp shot by Rolin.

Lunaldor gets up on a boulder while Ree Kee and Hellhammer take the brunt of the radioactive mutants attacks.

The extra height doesn't keep Lunaldor out of the nauseating mind buzzing aura that the mutant emits. There's a rare glimpse at me in the back ground there. I guess I handed off my camera for that one.

Quick, get away from that mutant. His aura is killing us all!

A good example of how this battle was. Only one character was up at any given time. Harsh play test for that monster.

Ree Kee is back up thanks to Hellhammer's first aid, but it looks like Lunaldor might be beyond his help. The half elf has strange growths from the radiation, and is now horribly deformed.

A good example of why playing two characters can be a bad idea. It's pretty easy to use one as a bodyguard for the other.

Hellhammer blasts the mutant with hellfire from the top of the monument, while Milo and Rolin launch spell and arrow respectively.

Here it comes!

Finally, with a last burst of strength (no more healing surges) Ree Kee takes down the mutant with a hurled javelin.

A good overview of the village. Looks like the Yig Yigs have been sacrificing people to the radioactive mutant.

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