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Frozen Falls
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TOPIC: Frozen Falls
Frozen Falls 6 Years, 10 Months ago  

That is really, really kool....very moody...
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Stefan Pokorny

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Frozen Falls 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
I'm not familliar with HS rules at all....care to comment on how including HS combat rules speeds combat?
Well...the HS combat is basically structured around the concept of using a special set of dice with skulls and shields. The amount of dice you get to roll when attacking or defending determines your relative strength and there are modifiers to add/subtract dice based on your character type. The primary goal is to get more skulls than your opponent has shields each roll. Depending on the amount of life(HP) your opponent has it is possible to one shot kill if the dice roll your way. The results are quite visual and no math is needed to know whether you hit. You can check out
for more specific info on the rules. It's a fun way to play but combining a wargame ruleset with D20 has been quite challenging. In general...the HS rules come into play primarily in combat while I use the D20 approach to determine most everything else. I did have to create special char sheets which determine how many dice to roll in most situations and for most spells/skills. There were 3 primary goals for doing this. 1-Speed Up/Simplify the combat (After all....I do have a couple of 7 year olds in the group...who are actually getting pretty good at knowing how to play their roles) 2-Increase the kill rate and number of mobs. 3-Make it possible to handle HUGE scale encounters using no math/calculations. Now...I will tell you that the key to making it still feel like D&D is in the story elements and in how carefully you use the less restrictive D20 rules in the non combat scenarios. I am still working on the balance of simplicity vs. flexability to make sure that the adults are having plenty of fun and feel like they have options. I seriously hope the new version of D&D is much simpler and faster...but for now...I gotta make sure my group has a blast every time they take the time to come over.

Sounds like the prefect thing for the youngsters!

Thanks much for sharing that!!!
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Frozen Falls 6 Years, 10 Months ago  

You're welcome.
And Hey - it's SUPPOSED to be fun!
When it STOPS being fun - stop doing it! Take a break. Go do something else for a while.
That's why I've taken a break more than once. It keeps me fresh!

See ya!

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