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Decent into the Evil Temple - a DOE layout
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TOPIC: Decent into the Evil Temple - a DOE layout
Decent into the Evil Temple - a DOE layout 7 Years, 2 Months ago  

Here are some photos now from the final session. It was a quite good session - took us well beyond midnight (we all work next day ...). The main aim was loot (the beholder was killed the session before) and finding a way to destroy the two rubies belonging to the Evil Idol. This was a quick paint up the night before - as you can see from my storage photos that the idol was just undercoated.
If you are wondering, that there is only a single one in the painted up Idol from Otherworld - well - I liked the picture on the old D&D Player Handbook cover and had decided long ago that one had been stolen 200 years earlier. Actually it was already in the pocession of the group - the cleric of the group got it from his elders.
But he never shared the information - and had hidden the gem in the altar of the church of Tyr close by. So while my wife (the kobold sorcerer) frantically tried to search everywhere I could only grin - no - you don't find it - I'm pretty sure.

The undead dragon was a monster the group never stumbled upon. It actually was just a dead dragon - but some Dragon worshippers where keen to get the remains for their evil deeds. The group was happy to let them into the dungeon to 'purge it from evil' and to dismantle the evil altar.

Ooops - the never were seen again. And all what was left of the dragon when the party went in to investigate was a dropped bone from the spine.

I hope you enjoy. It took the group quite a while to get through. In the end one character died, and the same player killed the squire of the paladin in the following session.

Time now to prepare my next adventure. Does anyone know a company offering good hobgoblin miniatures? Would be useful to have for my next adventure.


PS: The second eye is not glued in as well. Just for the session I wanted to keep the idol 'one-eyed'

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