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New McF Dragons in DF setting
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TOPIC: New McF Dragons in DF setting
New McF Dragons in DF setting 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
Not a very dramatic setting, I'm afraid - didn't have time to put much together, especially since the bases on this set are pretty large, so you need a rather large chamber to place these guys. I didn't have one ready...

Anyhoo, so there are three regular dragons here and one boxed set (plus a few other shots)

The Scavenger Dragon is the big flying vulture-looking one. Nicely detailed, the base is in scale but not necessarily "in style" (or era) with DF. Still, it's a nice dragon, and you could "overlook" the base if you wanted this kind of beastie in your campaign. I think it makes a great undead dragon, though that isn't what they intended with it.

The Hunter dragon is the tiger one. It's pretty basic. Puny wings, but nice pose, appropriately generic base. An excellent basic dragon, and a good scale for a gargantuan dragon of some kind.

The Ice dragon is the white. I think they nailed everything but the feet for an iconic WOTC "white dragon." The face, the tail, the coloring. Perfect. The feet are, I suppose, fitting, but big polar bear feet on a dragon... eh. It looks like he has fuzzy slippers on. And this one has a tiny human on the base, though that's easily removed if you hate it.

Then we get the real reason for this series -- the boxed set. The Dracolich. The "fossil dragon." The flames looked a LOT cooler on the prototype, but I've seen pics of this guy with the flames removed -- they come glued in place, but apparently they are easy to take off. Still, I'm keeping mine. They may look silly, but without them he looks too much like a skeleton, not magical or fierce or dangerous enough. The rotting flesh looks great, in both color and sculpt, and there's a ton of detail here. His mouth opens and closes, too. Really, this one is very nearly a must-have.

The regular figs are about $13 or so, for sale at TRU and specialty stores (though not places like Walmart and Target, sadly) The boxed set is, I think, $25.

Then we also have the Dracotaur rager from the latest D&D Minis set, which I think looks fantastic with DF's lizardmen.

And finally some shots of a fresco I did with HA, I thought it was a nice little piece, works well with DF, and it makes a great way to close off a big chamber when you don't want to mess up a previously existing layout by removing wall pieces.... ;)



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New McF Dragons in DF setting 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
Great pics L. Those really made my day. There haven't been too many pics up lately. Thanks!
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