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Shots from my DOE Cavernerous water setup
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TOPIC: Shots from my DOE Cavernerous water setup
Shots from my DOE Cavernerous water setup 7 Years, 8 Months ago  

I like your twist on god favor. I also have a twist on my clerics/druids. If the characters do not follow the alignment and/or the dieties' path then they start to have a failure chance to prayers/spells/turning. For instance if a cleric passes on teh opportunity to heal someone after a battle and runs up to take his/her claim to the treasure, well that is not very minister like now is it? 5% failure for each infraction. Right now I have a cleric in my party who has 40% failure and must recover a holy relic to regain 100% favor. Over the weekend the barbarian fell because the cleric's cure moderate wounds failed. Nice twist huh?

By the way I did not notice any Marids. You might want to pick up a couple for you water adventure. They are water based Djinni I believe. That might make a bit of a twist. I think it was the last wotc set or the one before it that contained the Marids.

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