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The Kraken's Cove - More of the Savage Tide
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TOPIC: The Kraken's Cove - More of the Savage Tide
The Kraken's Cove - More of the Savage Tide 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
Well in this adventure the PC's Finally got to the Cove, in search of Vanthus. This time they sailed instead of going overland, and arrived after just short of 2 days sailing.
On thier way in the noticed a bizzare flash of greenish light or something that came over te water, all chualking it up to "sea monsters:, and then a few minutes later a few of them spoted whisps of smoke from the area they were headed in. As their Ship approached they all saw billowing thick black smoke comming from the area of the cove. Fearing to run the ship against the reafs and under water dangers, they sailed to a beach a few miles north of the cove, and procceded through the Jungle.

While trekng through the jungkes they saw signs of animal torn apart, animals horribly mutated, twisted and distorted, and animals acting in very odd ways, attacking each other, and anything that crossed the animals path. In one such instance twisted "dire monkeys", at first guess, attacked, however when the monkeys died and they turned into piles of green ooze it was guessed, no not Dire monkeys...

Shortly after the monkey attack they determined possibly the smoke was doing something, so they took precautions to not breath any in. As they reahced the top of the hill, the ended up on a ledge of a cliff looking down the dliff face into the cove. Bellow them was a raging inferno, 4 ships were set ablaze and the very water was aflame (actually just an oil on it, but still the sight was impressive). Leadign down onto the beach was a rotting wooden bridge. The Stalwart Fighter Baros, attempted it, but decided better of it, instead using a rope to slow clamber down, while Mercutio the Mage, and the hired Healer of the group Sha'ra went down the bridge. Sam the Scorcher, cast a spell and climbed like a spider down the cliff walls, as Thenenon just said *BEEP* this and climbed/repllied down into the water.

Thenenon arrives first and strikes out toward the shore, as Baros follows relativly quickly behind but aiming for the beach, taking some time to in the end get the best/dryest landing first, not wanting to risk drowning in his heavy armor. While parallelling Sha'ra and Merc on the bridge Sam clambers down. Sam makes slightly better time, slowly pacing ahead of Sha'ra while Merc cautiosly moves out lagging the most. Untill two bad things happen, Merc falls from the bridge landing in the water, and isn't moving, at about the same moment one of the ships breaks free and a burning wreck heads not only towards him, but the wall where Sha'ra and Sam are.

Sha'ra starts to run, to try to escape but ends up falling herself, but fairs much better in her landing, and swims for shore, as Thenenon, hooks the floating body of Merc, and starts to pull him. Baros arrives and lends his muscle to the task and the only slightly man-handle him to the shore, where Sha'ra practices her healing arts and brings him back from the brink of death.

Before them on the beach lies a scene of carnage, over 20, but possibly not 40, bodies lie in various... bits, some having been gnawed and eaten, others ripped limb from limb, and still others distorted and twisted like the animals scence in the area. Mouths are covered as they begin to search through the wrecked cargo.

As they start they spot movement, and Thenenon fires at a creature, possibly once human that then attacks them all. After dispatching two of these "people" they spend some time searching through the broken open crates and cargo attempting to determine what has happened. But can determine little, after salvaging some usefull items, some potions mainly. The air is rent by a scream eminating from one of the passages going back into the cliff wall, that connects to the beach. They dash towards it.

Quickly entering a room they encounter a grizzly scence, what must have been the mess hall of the operation is still serving as such now, but a recently deceased pirate is what is on the menu. What looks like the cook, is in the process of chopping up the recent corpse to serve to two if his as equally deformed mates. But when the see the hero's arrive, all attention turns to fresher, still kicking food... And the three salvering Pirates attack.

Baros and Thenenon meet them in the door, and keep them from getting at the rest of the party, but also keep the rest of the party from getting at them. So Sam decideds to see if he can find a way around, becuase there is a back exit from the cave they are in... So he heads off down one of the passage ways by himself, believing himself safe while he is invisibile...

As Baros and Thenenon slowly pick away at the very resistant mutant pirates, Sam heads through a cavern full of deep fluttering shadows cast by guttering torches, and sheets of silk that appear to be drying in the large cavern. The sheets block much of the view of various areas but Sam can make out two exits one in the direction that should take him back to where he wants to go, so he quickly makes his way through the room, and into the dark passage, ignorant to the creature trailing him on the ceilling.

As Baros and Thenenon take down a twisted pirate it too disolves into that goey acid, as the scream of Sam fills the air. Something dropped from the roof, and knifed him in the back, and sets about repeatdly attacking him, untill Sam stops moving. Then heads into the Mess to join the others.

Jungle Ambush, A few of the Heroes reaching the beach, the carnage on the beach, the horror in the Mess, the cavern of silks.

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