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TOPIC: Season II
Season II 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
As I was looking through all the many pics in this post I couldn't help feel bad for all those folks who use dial up...lol :)
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Season II 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
Thank goodness for broadband!!
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Season II 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
Season 2 Episode 217 – The Library
Original Airdate: April 4, 2006
Staring Ashla, Heugo, and Vance Featuring Gosclaug, Lin-Fan, Batto, Dark Jedi Lt.,

Entering the library they find an almost calm scene, there are three Jedi inside, who have taken some of the old shelving, and desks and tables and built a small barricade from which to stand behind and deflect back the blaster fire at the Troops. There is a minor discussion, the Jedi seem relieved that the Rescue mission is here, their transmission reached the council and they have sent Republic forces and some Jedi to get them off the planet. The two groups have a little time to debate the matter, as one of the Sith Troopers rushes forth to open the door and is mowed down in returned blaster fire from his own squad. As they battle and deflect shots, Ashla and Lin-Fan discuss the matter, the Jedi are a little crest fallen when they learn that the entire “rescue” mission is one Jedi, a few Force Adepts, a slicer and back on the Dark Mystic, hours away by speeder an old mechanic, a clan of Jawa’s and a questionable astromech. Not quite the rescue they had hoped for, but it would have to do. The Rhen Var Jedi worry however that the stalemate that they had engineered is now falling apart, as the Sith Troop leader recognizes new faces, and thinks reinforcements have arrived, the Sith change tactics.

The Dark Jedi Lieutenant, recognizes Ashla as one of the ones who has been meddling in the Sith’s plans, The Lt, believes Ashla is going into the library to either recover or destroy the information and has to act now, or they will loose it, the cautious attitude they had taken to not damage the library and risk destroying what they were looking for has to be abandoned fearing that the Jedi reinforcements, in the form of the Dark Mystic crew the ones most familiar with the campaign the Sith are engaged in, is here to thwart them. She commits a decent number of better trained and fresh troops to attack and cause a diversion while she will try to stealthily enter the library and work her way in from above, it is a trick they have tried before and almost succeeded in working their way into the records room, but to much damage was caused to some of the fragile older records, the ones the Sith are looking for, the balance has shifted, the Jedi have enough forces to not only defend but go on the offensive, and could very well destroy the info, the Sith have to act now, or loose everything.

Ashla and Vance leave Lin-fan and Gaus to deal with the Troopers and head up to deal with the Lt..

In a fierce two pronged attack Lin Fan and Gaus are able to stall the Troopers while the Lt enters the upper level, after searching through some of the files she and Ashla engage in battle in the rubble and debris of the library. Ashla and Vance are able to defeat her, and send her remains out to the troops below.

Seeing the shift in things, another Sith, heads over, a Sith Lord and aid approach…

Huego detonates some mines and kills the Aid, but the lord continues forward. Retreating they plan to duck into the hidden ice tunnels and make it look like they are destroying the library, and fleeing with the information. Planting explosive charges through out the building, and busting a hole in the back wall, they duck into the tunnels and blow the library, retreating to an area the Jedi have been hiding in.
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