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Sith Complex with DOE Redux
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TOPIC: Sith Complex with DOE Redux
Sith Complex with DOE Redux 9 Years, 2 Months ago  
what are the flames made of? red coumn as well?

great stuff. i come to this site sometimes just to look ath these great photos for ideas

At first I was trying to figure out what the flames where, becuase i didn't remember having any in the set up. Those are some crystals, and an odd bit of something made from Casting Crafts Clear Resin, they sell a little four pack of, red, yellow, blue and well maybe it is just three becuase i can't think of the 4th color if there is one...
You mix the dyre in with the catalyst when you mix up the resin, I wanted a bunch of colored crystals to give it some color. I had to make a mold of the two things first then made a bunch of them. In the game I am running the PC's have been comming across these crystals all over the place and this adventure they tracked a number of them back to the source, (the red, yellow ones) so I needed to have a bunch of them scattered about, since this was the source of a number of them.

By the way: The photo of the patrol with At-St is crazy!!! Great! I have to show it to my "Sci-Fi-Star Wars-DF" friend... bwahahaha...
If he likes the little floaters make sure he goes and buys them ;) (not trying to annoy the good folks at DF so won't pimp the company too much, but i don't think Ebbles directly commpetes with DF, and more so now that he has started kind of getting back into his roots more making mechs, tanks and things like the floaters, for $4 and an almost unlimited ability to make as many as you want it's a deal.) i like Mel/Ebble's work and while it is paper, they make nice props and scenery bits to add into set ups. Tuesday's game may actually feature one of the Medium floaters a lot.

Hey ska what is the name of this paint that will not eat foam. I have to coat my foam in a strong wood glue mixed with black paint. I really like the texture on this " are you kidding?" I can't believe you just used a knife but I am also not used to working with the blue or pink stuff only white.
There are a few i found back about 3=4 months ago, while the two i have used were both made by Krylon, i think other companies make similar ones. This was Krylon H2O, it says on the product page "For Wood, Metal, Wicker, STYROFOAM Brand Foam and More", that's how i found it, i did a serach for Styrofoam safe spray paint, and i found there were a few latex ones the first one i used was Krylon® Home Decor™ Latex Spray, safe for "craft foam", but the only store i could find that carried it (couldn't find it at Wallmart, or home depot, or a few other places) was Michaels, but just recently they switched to the H2O, which is more expensive, while you do get more oz. of paint in the can, it's not that much more, but it is all they had. But one thing i did notice, becuase it was water based you could get a layer of water built up on item, that allowed for some intersting blending and mixing of the paints if you sprayed a lot on then added another later in with the other.

Yeah, just dragging the knife down the edge of the foam a few times to knock some chunks out, (to get bigger chunkcs i dug in a bit, but i wanted a very rough look so didn't try to cut it,) i just wanted random huncks to come out, the knife may have helped to, it was a steak knife, with a pretty good serated edge, and it worked great, i think it may have been partly the thickness, i haven't seen such cool results with the 1 inch ones, the fact it was 2 inche may have helped to get this effect.

Very Kool stuff Genghis! It has a definite ominous and dangerous feeling to it, great bridge!
I'm going to have to add that bridge to something else, the pesky player ruined it... i had wanted people standing on the brdige firing down, but he destroyed the two droids before they (the villain and the PC) went over the edge. And the poor bad guy was rather outclasses by the PC, if he had stayed up there it would have been over in a round. :( so he needed to get into the pit... (where there was fog, you commented on it last time, but i couldn't get a hold of any Dry Ice for the game last week, and that thing from Zero Toys got there the day after the session :( ) so no fog.

I like the idea of bridge, it makes it harder for the PC's to get past and makes for a cool setting making it i hope a more memorable fight.
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