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How is Dark World coming along?
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TOPIC: How is Dark World coming along?
How is Dark World coming along? 9 Years, 1 Month ago  
Hi Admin,

Unless you change the possibility of ordering direct, will it be possible to order from for example Alliance? My main source of DF is taking its stuff from that particular distributor, which is why I'm asking...
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How is Dark World coming along? 9 Years, 1 Month ago  
So DOE it is, s'be't.
The only reason I hope it sells well is so that DF will have fluid capital to spend on more worthy projects.

Actually Zug, none of these families own the Fantasy Floor set for the very reason you mentioned, the Pentagram.
Actually, the only new packaging sets they own are the SF ones.
They buy original white box sets because of their value.
Yes Zug, this action has been espoused by me.

Furthermore Zug, they only play armies that can be labelled as "Armies of Light" in these families.
For the few families that do play the GW games in this group, "things" like Chaos, Undead, Tyranids, Necrons and so forth are considered unworthy at best, evil more often, so they are not used, but their armies are played against such forces with GREAT vigor.
Most of the families play other wargames like StarGrunt and the various BattleTech games where the evil is of man and politics as has been explained to me.
One can be as virtuous as one is inside onself in those games, again as explained to me.
I do understand this idea because I mostly follow it myself without the codification that these families have done.
You see Zug, I do not own the Fantasy Floor set either and gave away my demon portal wall from the one WA set.
Additionally, the only "bad guy" stuff I have is for WFB to be used as the cannonfodder to kill in Warhammer Quest.
I never collected the "bad guy" stuff for 40K and sold off my Space Hulk Tyranids, at a very good price, to another gamer.
Life can go on and be lots of fun on the Light side Zug & Co..
Just ask any Jedi.

I do not remember the philosopher that said it, but the quote is, "Fools mock what they refuse to understand."
I have found very few on here who understand the principle of personal moral creeds or the stands, however unpopular they are, that must be taken in actually standing for something.
I KNOW the American media has nearly no concept of this from their reporting; man's failures are what they seem to enjoy reporting rather than their sucesses.

Anyway, I think at this point, it would be in the favor of the forum, if folks here would cease to mock those principled, moral people who happen to have high personal standards of what is right and wrong, who do buy Dwarven Forge Master Maze product.
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How is Dark World coming along? 9 Years, 1 Month ago  
Jeff--thanks for the follow up! I'm looking forward to picking up a couple of these when ordering is available!

They look great by the way. Very appropriate for the genre. ;-}~

Based on the teaser pic you posted, please tell Stephan he did a great job with these.

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