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Pulp-style Master Maze
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TOPIC: Pulp-style Master Maze
Re:Pulp-style Master Maze 4 Years, 1 Month ago  
I just happened to get some information in my latest ENWorld newsletter that lists the best-selling RPG and miniature lines. I have no idea if these reflect what's actually being played out there; it's just what's being sold.


Top 5 Roleplaying Games – Q3 2010

Title Publisher
1 (Tie) Dungeons & Dragons Wizards of the Coast
1 (Tie) Pathfinder Paizo Publishing
3 Warhammer Fantasy Fantasy Flight Games
4 Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader Fantasy Flight Games
5 Dresden Files Evil Hat

Top 5 Non-Collectible Miniature Lines – Q3 2010

Title Publisher
1 Warhammer 40k Games Workshop
2 Warmachine Privateer Press
3 Warhammer Fantasy Fantasy Flight Games
4 Hordes Privateer Press
5 Reaper (Dark Heaven) Reaper Miniatures

User7866, are any of the games you play on the list above? If not, do any of the genres represented above closely match the type of terrain you're looking for?

The one common trait of people on this forum is that they want Dwarven Forge to succeed. To do that, we try to make constructive suggestions that we believe will be the most profitable for the company. Given that Stefan isn't designing for a specific game system, we assume that the more versatile the piece, the more profitable it will be. Versatility comes at the cost of specificity. You seem to be asking for specificity, which is rubbing people the wrong way since it doesn't serve a broad audience.

Help Stefan figure out a way to to design sets that could serve multiple popular game systems, and you'll get much less friction from the members here. The earlier post from JackAttack was headed in the right direction with "big block" sets. Try something similar for sci-fi.

One last point - Dwarven Forge has not, to this point, done anything historical. Everything is "fantasy", even if it is sci-fi fantasy. If you're looking for something historically accurate rather than requiring a little imagination, I would suggest checking out Armorcast (Egyptian) and Miniature Building Authority (middle eastern).
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Re:Pulp-style Master Maze 4 Years, 1 Month ago  
By BrettKing's criteria, since I play none of those games or in any of those genres other than a little bit of 25mm Sci-Fi (only occasionally these days), I guess I had better be done.
Pulp gaming is growing, but since it does not meet these lists (yet, or even ever), I guess that is it.
Yes, I am currently in a less than positive mood here on my end (the day has been difficult), but after having re-read this whole thread, well, what else is there to say?
I stated what I could use and why, but it neither meets the criterion of popular desire nor of apparent DF economy.
Oh well.
I am just me.
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What, no ... ?!?
Re:Pulp-style Master Maze 4 Years, 1 Month ago  
Don't be so sad comrade, it's the old story of this little world of us.

All we want the stuff we think would be more awesome or useful for our games, but in the end, and only if we are lucky, some gets something in between what us and others want. There's not many options for DF or other companies in this hobbie and this economy.... heck, I would love to see Grendel, Armorcast, Thomarillion put out quality pre-painted furniture (for as many generes as possible), but I can't blame them for not doing so.

The only way I see is to "spread the word" about our style of gaming and "inoculate" (or should I say intoxicate muwahaha) people with our tastes, so we create a massive crowd of screaming cash spenders who can support the development of the kind of stuff we would like to have in the market. I know, I may be a dreamer... but walking that way is fun too ;-)

Carry on, and greetings,
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I want my DF Spiderweb Accesories Set!!! ^O^U
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