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Wood Elves Environment
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TOPIC: Wood Elves Environment
Wood Elves Environment 4 Years ago  
Stefan has revealed that Sandra Garrity is working on a wood elves environment for Dwarven Forge.

Sandra Garrity is a respected miniatures sculptor. For a sampling of her work go to the Reaper Miniatures website and put her last name in the search field.

I am a forum curmudgeon who will now presume to comment on her work.

Garrity's miniatures typically feature clean lines and sharp relief. Her designs often include distinctive elements that make her miniatures stand out from equivalent pieces by other artists. She frequently sculpts finely detailed features/textures such as feathers or scales, but doesn't include them just for the sake of having them. Her miniatures sometimes feature whimsical touches, and often feature decoration that enhances the piece without overwhelming it. She is good with drape (fabrics) and flow (hair).

Which boils down to: she's very good, and whatever the set looks like, it's going to look great.

So let's give Sandra a big DF welcome, and share your favorite S.G. miniatures. Post a picture, or link to one, if possible.

I like the Halfling Wizard, complete with spectacles, rabbit familiar, spellbook, and fancy hat.
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Re:Wood Elves Environment 4 Years ago  
Let's not forget Sandra Garrity is also the sculptor of the Treasure and Magical Items Set, Medieval Furniture Set, Dungeon Acessories Set, and all the Orcs, Skeletons, and Lizard Men! She also did some Trap Pieces, a swinging passage trap, I beleive....

She is Awesome!

I pinch myself everytime she does something for us, as I was a fan of her work long before I started Dwarven Forge!

She is also a wonderful and warm person!
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Stefan Pokorny

CEO Dwarven Forge, LLC
Re:Wood Elves Environment 4 Years ago  
I've been meaning to weigh in about this stuff....

I'm really looking forward to seeing both sets. WE3 is a dream come true, the first two WE sets are some of my favorites, and I really think it's time the regular dungeon setting got some new flair. (I'm already drooling about the ruins sets -- speaking of which, isn't it late August....?)

And the elven set, I just can't wait to see it. I honestly don't know WHAT to expect, though I'm sure it will be awesome....
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Re:Wood Elves Environment 4 Years ago  
I am really looking forward to WA3. I am sure to buy that one.

With the Wood Elves I am not sure if it something I might need - but it would be nice if it was something to somehow fit into the MB series or the Dungeon line - I am thinking about ruins/walls with organic parts, overgrown with plants - that would be really great. What I am having in mind is the temple Ta Prom in Angkor:


(I hope a Wikipedia link is OK , if not please delete it. My pictures are sadly only hardcopies - when I was there I did not yet take digital photos)

If you ever did something like that I am sure to throw my money at you :)
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