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reissues of older sets
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TOPIC: reissues of older sets
reissues of older sets 4 Years, 11 Months ago  
I want to see a basic dungeon circular room set that could be used as levels of a tower. Sort of like the arcane tower dungeon tiles but with walls and a spiral stair case along the outer edge.
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reissues of older sets 4 Years, 11 Months ago  
Somebody on these boards (Crioux?) custom built exactly what you are describing and posted the pics here (lat year? 2 years ago?). I think Stefan even expressed interest in it.....

<<goes looking for old thread>>

Here it is:


Plus another, more recent version/different style:


And yeah, I absolutely agree that a set like this from DF would rock! Maybe new/old set like Myrthe suggests, with some new curved/tower elements and some old elements? Maybe even a curved & diagonal wall set?
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reissues of older sets 4 Years, 11 Months ago  
I agree.

<<Commence Ramble>>

While it's exciting to get new sets, I think developing so many, so frequently to the detriment of keeping the basic line stocked is counter-productive. Those basic, iconic MasterMaze Dungeon sets are what got so many into collecting Dwarven Forge in the first place. Not having them available to new collectors, IMO, hurts the future exposure of this fantastic product.

Having "Specialty Locations" is great and certainly ups the versatility and experience of our DF collections. BUT, look at things from the new collector's (or one-off buyer's) perspective. What will give them more use? More "bang for their buck"? What is the most common environment for Dungeon Delve gaming ? TA DAA .... the Dungeon !! NOT the Realm of the Ancients, not the Den of Evil, not Volcanic Caverns. Good, old-fashioned simple Dungeons. **

(** OK, I'll give you the MBS is an ideal starting point because almost all great adventures do begin in a tavern :) )

Anyway, in an economy that forces people to go "back to basics" and limit their spending, I think that DF can and should do the same. Ensure that the basics are available to shore up the foundation of future collectors once the economy improves.

Now, that's not to say I'm not looking forward to new sets. I just know I can't and won't buy new sets with the frequency I once did (especially 3 at a pop to get the pre-order incentives). So, for me, devoting some resources to restocking the basics isn't a bad idea. Especially if some of the new sets are smaller accessory sets to the basic Dungeon line (can we say Dungeon Doors ??)

Ok, ramble over. Just my two cents ....

Anyway, I'm really anxious to hear what DF ahs planned for the year. They've been quiet lately ...
Too quiet ...

I agree with Ghenghis, and with what Myrthe has said word-by-word. Nice idea the door set too, not only because some of us have wished it for a long time now, but because if the idea is keep some ammo for loading newcomers, a door set would be something new that still could be used as basic.

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