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TOPIC: 2010 ?
2010 ? 5 Years ago  
Here are questions for DF :

2010 : What's up ?

-> Will we have a european distributor ?
-> Will we have the ABS 3 ?
-> Where is ROTA 3 project we've already talked about in this forum giving you suggestions ?
-> Will we have news about the Medieval expansion with exteriors, 1st floor ways etc etc you were thinking Stefan ?
-> HELLSCAPE 2 set (Still don't understand why you said it was a DOE serial...)

Can you give us some tips plz ?
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2010 ? 5 Years ago  
I think there may still be a market for another DOE set. Add in 6 inches passages, some passage end caps,
maybe a 2x3 floor piece and then just more custom pieces. It could be a smaller run if need be. I would
make it compliment the DOE room and passage set but also a decent substation if you dont have it. How about
a DOE style realm of the ancients four way intersection?

I would also buy a NEW wicked edition set for the basic dungeon line.

An expanded accessory line with all the fantasy classics but not too setting
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