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Request for needed Water Expansion piece
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TOPIC: Request for needed Water Expansion piece
Request for needed Water Expansion piece 7 Years, 9 Months ago  
I get the impression the upcoming Water Expansion set doesn't have this, but it's something I would really like to see.

As it stands now, the placement of the moveable walls means that you can't really ever have an archway in a corner. You can over solid ground, but not over a riverbend -- the curved wall will eat up all your space, you'd need to place the arch on the next piece over, abutting the bend, in order to have your river emerge through the arch.

That's nice, but it's limiting. I'd like to see a curved wall, like the one we have, with an arch. That way, you can have a cave entrance over land, if you use the curve arch on a river corner, or if you place it on a T-intersection, you can have a river running under the arch AND continuing around the corner. In general, I've noticed times when I can't quite put an arch where I want it, becaues it's a corner piece and the curve wall won't allow for arch placement.

I might do a photoessay on this, just to show how useful it would be... think of it as the cavern equivalent of ABS half-walls or the new doorway in the MBE set -- a way of putting a portal in the corner, instead of dead centre....

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Request for needed Water Expansion piece 7 Years, 9 Months ago  

I think this would be a nice addition for a CWA Set.

I would suggest that the wider arch (being long enough to fill a cavenous corner diagonally), should also be somewhat thicker than a basic wall, (almost like a small bridge).

With the entrance being wider, it may make sense to have it as one of the (hopefully) taller CWA pieces (over 2 inches at its peak) as well. The ends (of the primary arch piece) could end at 2" in height, be be fairly straight, even angled slightly to fit as the cavernous (diagonal) corner pieces. The arch piece could also join with other cavern walls directly (being 2" in height) if desired.

There would also need to be a couple of separate rock formation pieces (2'' at one end and dropping or tapering off to floor level) that could be designed for use at each end, or even against the existing cavern walls as well, for added variety of detail. I could see these pieces as being rather crooked/unusual in shape and thus allowing for great visual vairiations to the present cavern look when used against walls.

These pieces would fill the need of a diagonal wall arch and can also be used as a stand-alone arch/bridge as suggested by L.

I could see a lot of uses for these pieces.

L, Would this version work as you envision it?

PS, Also looking for a river grate piece badly!!! I'm really hoping that's in the upcoming set.
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