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Quality of resin in River Set?
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TOPIC: Quality of resin in River Set?
Quality of resin in River Set? 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
What sort of level of quality is to be expect in the resin of the Cavernous River and Walls set?

Despite getting the set Monday, I have had only time for the briefest look until last night when I unpacked all the river set and had the first good look at it. I have seen no other complaints on these forums, but I am not totally happy with the resin quality. While I am very sure I have a legitimate problem with at least one of the pieces I am not sure where to draw the line of what is a reasonable issue with quality and what is being a perfectionist.

I am hoping my expectations have not been raised too high by other comments on the forum about the excellent quality of the resin. However I have looked as close as I can in the user pictures section of the forum and cannot see any flaws like the ones I see on some of my pieces. Unfortunately my camera was not available yesterday, hopefully I will be able to take some pictures tonight.

So here are the concerns I have:

1) T Intersection piece has two small patches with extremely rough surface, not the smooth resin finish. This is very noticable blemish on the piece even thoguh the patches are not too large (The largest is probably about half the size of a US penny)

2) One of the straight pieces has what look like bubbles on the surface of the resin. I say bubbles but they are more small smooth hemi-spherical indentations (size of the tip of a ball point pen) in the surface of the resin, like maybe a bubble reached the surface and popped but didn't fill in. I have noticed some of these on other pieces too, but they are not that noticable on most as they are near the edge and patterns on the bottom make them difficult to spot. However this one straight piece they are quite noticeable as they are near the middle of the river.

3) One of the corner pieces has a few small lumps. About the size of the bubbles above but more noticeable as they stick up from the surface rather than indent into it. There fore they can be felt easier and seem to catch the light more.

4) Light scratching on the surface of the resin. This is on almost every piece if looked at closely but to varying degrees. Some have only on one smal section and cannot easily be seen, but if held to the correct (or incorrect) angle of light. While hard to notice from a distance on a single piece, when I place the worst of the surfaces next to the best it is easy to see the difference in the surfaces.

Also, not to do with the resin this time, but I have noticed a vast difference in the quality of the fish in my 3 corner pieces. One of them has near perfect fish (this same piece has the best resin too) One of the others has two fish that are not quite as good, and in the third the fish look like indistinct lumps of mud.

Just so I don't look like a total winger let me say some good stuff too. The individual pieces I ordered are all excellent, as are the river walls. I have only unpacked about half of my Traps 2 set but the falling log piece that I have seem people mention they had quality issues with in other posts is perfect in my set. Heaps of thought has obviously gone into this set how different pieces link together, I do appreciate this but much has already been said so I won't repeat it here. I love the bonus raft, and how it fits in the foam packaging, I have expected it being a bonus to just be bubble wrapped in the box.
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Quality of resin in River Set? 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
I would call DF and ask for a replacement. I have none of those issues with any of the peices in all three of my sets. Sounds like you just got a bad box. The DF people seem to be very customer service oriented. I doubt you would have a problem getting a replacement.
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Quality of resin in River Set? 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
waza -

Congratulations! YOU got the Rough Water CR&W set!
Or, as Micro$oft would say, "That's NOT a defect! It's an Undocumented Feature!" :lol: :lol: :lol:
All BS aside, guy; call or e-mail Jeff and arrange a replacement for those pieces; I'm sure he'll replace them, NQA. But he might want the bad ones back, so he can throw them at the QC crew!
Although, since you're Down Under, and he's in Mid-America, he might ask YOU to do the throwing; you're closer, you have a better chance of a good strike! Lower CRP.
OR, he might just request pics - they'd be cheaper to send, either via e-mail or snail mail.
Ask him.

See ya!

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Quality of resin in River Set? 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
Sorry to hear you got a defective set. I can really understand what it is like. I just got the octagonal room set yesterday, and one of the corner pieces is really quite deformed. The top is angled down, so it doesn't match up to the other walls . It really bothers me too.

LOL, that was sooo funny!! You always seem to get a good laugh out of me. Always a pleasure to 'read' you!

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Quality of resin in River Set? 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
I finally got my 2 CRW sets today, and I'm generally very impressed with the design and execution of the models.

However, I share some of Waza's concerns over the quality of the resin on a few pieces. About half of my river pieces have the same light scratching on the surface (some not so light!), almost as is they have been cleaned with a scouring pad or wire wool. 2 pieces also have broad scratch marks across the complete surface of the resin, almost like car tyre skidmarks. I also have a few pieces with patches of rough resin on the surface, which make the water look 'frozen' in places.

Maybe I'm just being picky, but I sort of expected better quality after hearing other customers raving about the stuff, and especially after paying the equivalent of $250 a box after shipping and taxes. Knowing my luck I probably just got a bad box, I have a habit of buying cars like that, too!
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Quality of resin in River Set? 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
Otherworld, you should contact Dwarven Forge to see if they might replace the damaged pieces. My three CRW sets were all flawless. The resign had no scratches that I could see.
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Quality of resin in River Set? 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
After reading the posts here about quality control I got out my three CR&W sets while working from home last night.
I'm a procrastinator. While I opened one of the three sets two weeks ago, I've been "meaning to getting around to" working on a huge DF layout and, as I've put off setting it up, I hadn't opened 2 of the 3 boxes until last night.

I found about six pieces out of all three boxes that, in my opinion, would be sub-par products.
Only one of those had what I called a scratch patch. It was a small area, perhaps the size of a dime or smaller, but it definately marred the surface of the clear resin and would definately stand out in use.
The other qualtiy issues appear to be at the edgs of the two surfaces (clear resin and the rest of the mold) and usually only at the edges of the piece (at either one of the sides where the clear resin goes all the way to the edge of the piece).

Keep in mind that I know nothing about resins:
It almost looks like air or something has gotten between the rest of the mold and the clear resin.
In one or two spots I could pass this off as "something interesting at the bottom of the water," but in the other instances, it is clearly a poor fabrication of the product by the methods used.

I'm sorry DF. I hope you guys understand I'm NOT attempting to complain here. I've already contacted DF regarding what to do about these pieces. I really don't want to have all of us drive DF out of business with nit picking, but I also want the product the way it was designed to be delivered and the way the customers feel it should be (as far as quality goes).

I am simply sharing my own experiences with the rest of the board so they know what issues have been discovered.

Thanks one and all.
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