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Shipping - further issues
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TOPIC: Shipping - further issues
Shipping - further issues 8 Years, 6 Months ago  

Thanks for the update in regard to the non-shipped pieces. It is good to have some information and would have been great to know earlier. Also try to enjoy the family.

I have started a new thread to add a few further issues and to ensure they aren't lost. Sorry about that - but I feel if shipping issues are sorted out, then tackle them all.

1) Individual items in stock - still not shipped

Correct me if I'm wrong but I checked the boards to get the facts. To my knowledge the Triagonal Floor Pieces came with the February container. I ordered 4 River Sets and 3 Sets of 8*Diagonal Floor pieces. This should have been all in stock at the warehouse. A possibility - the warehouse didn't shipped mine as well as other split orders have been uncomplete. In this case point a finger at least partly to the warehouse as well.

2) Two shipments

Again - I hope I'm not wrong here. Good message - I have a tracking number now. The potentially bad one - I have two of them - 2 minutes apart. This seems to me actually 2 packages. I will update once I have more information - but I see two problems.

a) You = DF are charged actual shipping costs from USPS by the . These will be higher for 2 Shipments as compared to one of 20Kg with some extra 300 g on top. This potentially costs you money if this is the case as I bundled these together to save on shipping cost and only payed for combined shipment (otherwise I would have ordered 3 month ago the diagonal floors on their own).

b) Me and Otherworld might lose money as well. The UK customs charge a handling fee of approx. $25 for each shipment !! I don't want to be doom mongering - but I just hope these extra diagonal pieces don't turn out to become extremly expensive.

Worst case:
DF loses $20 extra on shipping
Me and Otherworld lose $25 extra on handling for the taxman

I thought I let you know and will keep you updated.

For others who have other issues not yet covered - add them here. A discussion won't help much I guess - so keep them to a minimum. Jeff should spend more time with family as reading Forum messages.

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Shipping - further issues 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
I'll talk to our shipper about this later today. Thanks for bringing these points up.
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