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Old Dwarven Forge Sets
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TOPIC: Old Dwarven Forge Sets
Old Dwarven Forge Sets 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
Wow, That was some great info Rabid.... When you were describing it I seem to remember seeing that set somewhere here in Houston. It was in a Room and Passage Set box right? Two layers of short passages. I still could not get into DF back then.
Yes. :)

Hey, I love that cave in piece...!
It does have some utility, but come on, having it in every short passage set?
It should have been just left in WA2 and not inserted into every short passage set! :mad:

I was fortunate enough to pick up two Narrow Passage sets and when they went on 50% sale got a little more than another set in individual pieces. They are great and now a days real rare.
Lucky you! :)
By time I started moving towards the Narrow Set, all I could find & buy was loose pieces.
What I really want is the release of a Sci-Fi Narrow set, but I have read enough desire that I will encourage the re-release of the fantasy narrow set too.
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