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TOPIC: Ice Caverns!
Re:Ice Caverns! 2 Years, 7 Months ago  
Great idea's! I like the archways (full of icicles no doubt...frozen doors for the passages...and the Entrance from outside, yes, like the special offering we had for the realm of ancients? It would be kool, and usable for other things as well...Great suggestions![/quote]

Concerning the idea of frozen doors for passages, wouldn't it be cool to have some of the frozen door panels look like they have been shattered with a big jagged icy hole in the center to allow access.

It would add alot to roleplaying that a war hammer had been taken to the ice to get through! If you could slide these out and replace the doors with a full ice sheet you could update each section as adventures broke into new areas.
Please produce more ice, lava, and elevation tiles
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12x cavern ks sets
6x lava river ks set
5x lava cavern ks sets
1x wicked cavern ks set
1x stalagmite cavern set
12x hellscape #1sets
10x hellscape #2sets
2x resin ice cavern sets
6x gametile ice cavern sets
4x ruins sets

Hoping for more lava and ice tiles in the future!
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