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Wicked Additions: A Tribute
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TOPIC: Wicked Additions: A Tribute
Wicked Additions: A Tribute 5 Years, 3 Months ago  
Hi everybody,

This is not really a feedback on a very late set, but, although some may think I'm just rambling here, I would like to give DF people a perspective for sets that they might have not considered yet about some old products: the wicked additions (and by the way the accesories sets, dungeon furniture, etc). I think this is a good time, because the next upcoming set is another wicked additions set, and this could give a couple of things to think about.

The hardcore DF fans, we love to see new environments and advanced pieces to make our setups more beatiful and deeper, but here's a thing that I've come to think myself about when I was wondering how the next wicked additions set should be.

I've realized how I started on this. I knew DF stuff and of course I considered that gathering the amount of stuff I needed was expensive beyond my economy, so I just lurked and drooled seeing the pictures of here people used to game. I was playing in cardboard then, and started to combine it with Wizkids Mage Knight Dungeons 3D. I gathered a pretty big bunch of that stuff, and I liked it for the amount of money it costed to me. I didn't go hypocritical saying that DF didn't worth the high shipping costs, the cost of the product compared to others, etc. I knew DF rocked, but simply I did just can't afford it and had to spent the money where I could get enough ammount of terrain to play with, so I couldn't start playing with 1 Room & Passage and get patient through the years to get a good bunch of DF stuff.

But here's the thing that have surprised myself: it wasn't the impressive massive setups that I saw on the forum nor seeing the stuff in person (which I didn't have the chance to do), but the Wicked Additions Sets and the accesories like treasure, furniture, and even the floor set, what made me take the jump to DF.

You know why? very simple: I could get to use it with the stuff I already had! A goblin archway, portcullis, columns, all kind of stairs, a long wall with a mermaid fountain, hoards of coins, magic weapons, floor with stairs going down, small pilars, beds, torches, large floors, chests, barrels, etc.

I could use all that amazing stuff with any 3D terrain, and even better: with cardboard stuff... even in the Heroquest board!

This is a key point that should be considered if DF wants to spread this awesome stuff. The Wicked additions and the accesories are a BRIDGE between the terrain that lots of people are currently using and the big jump into DF. Lots of people know inside them that DF rocks and that there are few companys (few, or... let's say one or none) that make stuff that can be considered near DF in quality and beauty. But they haven't seen it in person, or think that they will never get enough stuff to play serious.

But... I took several accesories and wicked additions. Given the fact that I already played 3D, I took even a Deluxe Room set (a set that definitely I think should return).

Well, they day that stuff fall into my hands for the first time, you can say it CHANGED (capital letters intended) my life. I don't know if I would be even playing today. In a question of months I ended replacing all my plastic and cardboard stuff for DF sets. Part of the merit is of MK stuff, because I could fill the dungeon with that product where I haven't DF pieces enough to have my setup done.

I thought I could make DF suit my gaming. But in the end, I suited my gaming to DF. Almost 600 Mage Knight miniatures where cut off the base to end in 1 inch bases, and for years now, I've changed my gaming system to get the most of the DF stuff.

And that just only happened because of the Wicked Additions sets, which made me take my first order, and see the stuff in person.

Well, if you have taken the time to go through all this rambling, thank you. I think that I owed that to the Wicked Additions Set and the Forge Master that created them. If this comes to get some nostalgia moment from you, I am glad, and if it gets any new ideas to the DF staff, then I'm happily happy super happy. :-)

May be we could get new accesory sets? ;-) I know this has been discused before, so I'm not too serious there, but sets like the tavern accesories of several types I think they are a win-win.

Greetings, and cheers to the WA!
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