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More Reasons to Be in New York City
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TOPIC: More Reasons to Be in New York City
More Reasons to Be in New York City 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
Yesterday I took a staggering number of of Master Maze sets and pieces from Stefan's personal collection over to the Brooklyn Strategist where we'll be putting them on display and playing with them in a series of special events. If you're in the area, let me know (tavis@autarch.co is best) and I'll save a seat for you - and if you're not, maybe this is worth flying out for! I could also use your help whether you're local or not.

The deal is that I'm part of an American publisher, Autarch, and we're helping a Canadian company, Grognardia Games, do a Kickstarter which requires a US bank account. Autarch crowdfunded our old-school game Adventurer Conqueror King - that's it in the picture below between beautiful Lulu and the beautiful dungeon, hard to focus I know - and are doing a Kickstarter now for its Player's Companion.

We were excited to help Grognardia because we are big fans of its creator, James Maliszewski, whose blog brought me back to playing RPGs the way Gygax and Arneson intended. Stefan of course is like 'what took you so long' - check out what he has behind his screen:

Anyway, since James uses miniatures extensively in his home Dwimmermount campaign, some of the backer rewards I've put together for the Kickstarter effort to fund Dwimmermount's publication (which launches this Friday, 3/2) are centered around minis.

Thanks to Stefan's enthusiasm and support, the top-level backer reward will be a specially selected set of Master Maze pieces allowing you to build any of the rooms, chambers, and passageways in Dwimmermount's dozen dungeon levels (or 13 if that bonus goal is met), enough of 'em at once to fill the game vault of a Sultan gaming table.

Backers of that reward level will also get the benefits of the next one down, which is that you get to make a character who will become part of one of the rival parties provided in the adventure who are competing to discover Dwimmermount's secrets and loot its wealth. (We'll be creating at least two new rival parties, one humanocentric and one monstrous, in addition to the two from James' original campaign.) The character you create will be illustrated by Jeff Dee (you'll get the original pen and ink art, we'll use the image in the Dwimmermount hardback + PDF and for the optional player handout booklet), and Sandra Garrity will sculpt a mini of your character or monster. You'll get a complete set of all the minis, and the one you created will be professionally painted by an artist chosen by Sandra.

OK, so here's where needing help comes in. I'm organizing a series of Dwimmermount events at the Brooklyn Strategist on every Saturday during the Kickstarter campaign, from 3/3 to 4/14, where we will be building a record of our exploration of the Dwimmermount mega-dungeon on the Sultan table using Master Maze. However, I'm not all that good at it - Stefan assembles dungeons at least ten times faster than I do, but he's in Prague during the first event. If you're in NYC or know someone who is, I could use some help building the dungeon on the B-Strat's Sultan table on those Saturday nights so that play doesn't slow down while I or the other GMs search for just the right wall piece. Even if Saturdays don't work for you, Jon at the B-Strat would be glad for assistance using Stefan's collection to assemble dazzling Dwarven Forge window displays.

And even if you're not in NYC, another problem is that my miniatures collection is shabby at the best of times and will look particularly crummy against such a splendid backdrop. If you've got figures you'd like to share, I can guarantee that we'll take good care of 'em, take lots of pictures and show 'em off to lots of kids and grownups and random passers-by, and cover the cost of shipping if you're not local.

tl;dr = I need help playing with all this awesome stuff, and if you want to lend more awesome stuff to play with I'll post all about it!
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Re:More Reasons to Be in New York City 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
Those are pretty cool Kickstarter rewards. You may have tempted me......
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