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GOT MY SHIPMENT NOTICE for RotA II !! 5 Years ago  
I got the chance to see the Emisary at Origins, and I agree that it's quite a bit more practical as a kitchen table than the Sultan - now, the Sultan is way cool indeed, but it probably does need its own space, rather like a pool table.

However, the Emisary could easily stand in as a kitchen dining table that converts (very nicely, I must say) into a gaming table.

I just got furniture last year, so not in the market to get anything right now, but I would certainly consider it!
Fu-Man Chu
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GOT MY SHIPMENT NOTICE for RotA II !! 5 Years ago  

I don't great to post here as I don't want to harass you - so keep your time. But I felt I just should check if you send me a reply and I should go fishing in my spam or if I should just wait.

Fu-Man Chu

I'm in pretty much agreement with you. When I was house hunting 11 years ago I probably looked at the ideal place for the Sultan. The house on offer was a re-decorated former town hall. The 'living room' was a wood pannelled hall of 8*13 meter with two orginal Victorian Fire places.
The ceiling in the hall was approx. 6m high - with half the room having an extra floor build on top with some extra bed rooms. But these were not completely enclosed - you rather could look down from them - like from a balcony down to the hall.

I didn't go for that place but rather went for a more conventional and practical town house instead. But in regard to the Sultan - that would have been the right house for such a table.

My girl friend at the time loved it (she is now my wife) - but I was too risk adverse to go with such a place. I was just starting a permanent job, I couldn't tell if either job or relationship would stand the test of times and there was a reason that the house was on the market for two years and hadn't found a buyer.

Do I regret my choice? Not too much. The place I bought has served me well. It did it's job as a place to live and was big enough to accomodate us when we got our children.

But now faced with a choice again - Emissary vs Sultan I know I will do this choice only once. And at least the risk is smaller compared to the decision which house to buy.

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