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DnD Miniatures
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TOPIC: DnD Miniatures
DnD Miniatures 3 Years, 6 Months ago  
Wizards is no longer going to be selling the random miniature packs


There is one person who wrote on a miniature review on Amazon that there will be new non-random, semi random packs, but I cannot verify it from an official WotC source. They say that they will continue to find ways to represent monsters and players tokens... Tokens does not sound very cool al all, and it is not good enough for the awsomeness of the Dwarven Forge miniature terrain tiles.


I would like to be able to buy the monsters that are in the monsters manual, but if they are not available anymore from wizards, I found this site, that has loads of monsters resembling the ones from the monster manuals.


You have to pay a lot and paint them too, but heck, its worth taking up a painting hobby just to play the game in my opinion!

If anyone knows of any other sites to get miniatures to use with Dwarven Forge that would be great?

Is Wizards going to actually be making new non-random, semi random miniature packs?
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Re:DnD Miniatures 3 Years, 6 Months ago  
Its official- the D&D minis line is over. WotC ditching their minis line (with the exception of the occasional "limited" set like the beholders or the colossal chromatic dragons) is a relatively recent development. It remains to be seen if another company will pick up the mantle and start a new line of pre-painted minis to fill this particular gaming need.

Sites like Auggie's (store02.prostores.com/servlet/auggiesgames/StoreFront), and Paizo sell them individually but some of the prices get a little ridiculous. Reaper has a small selection of pre-painted minis, nice stuff but VERY limited in scope (so far).
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Re:DnD Miniatures 3 Years, 6 Months ago  
Can't recommend the on-line store that granpappy posted the link to enough - Auggie has some of THE BEST prices on the individual minis and a HGUE selection from past sets. PLUS, his shipping is THE MOST reasonable out there. One flat rate, and orders over $100 ship free. I'd recommend getting whatever you want and can afford now as they will only become rarer and rarer as time goes on.
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