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Apple Sauce
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TOPIC: Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce 4 Years, 7 Months ago  
I'm staying with my folks for a bit, and I'm forced to use my Dad's Apple.

I haven't figured out how to open multiple screens, and they seem to have confused "delete" with "backspace", but otherwise it isn't bad.

I need a new computer (my IBM is ten years old), and I'm considering changing platforms. How do other people feel about the Mac vs IBM issue?

(Within reason, please, no flaming rants, no feuds, no Brent Sienna.)
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Re:Apple Sauce 4 Years, 7 Months ago  
I am an avid tinker of all things network and as a result I have various stages of machines built. PCs running different versions of linux or Windows etc. I keep one "good" machine to play games like DAO. However this year I bought a mac for the kids and wife. It was wonderful. All phone calls about "how to do this?" or "The computer is frozen" etc have stopped. Now teh big drawback. You are buying and paying for software. There is a premium for the software on a mac. The good stuff especially. With that said I also have bought an IPAD and it has cahnged my habits. I read email while sitting with the family around the table or up stairs watching the kids play Wii. I watch videos while sitting on planes etc. It integrates with my mac seemlessly and on the PC I have to "fiddle" with it. With all that said if you are an operator the MAC is nice because it works without fiddling and has fewer virus' and bots attacking it.

Good Luck with that decision.
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