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A much better browser based game...
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TOPIC: A much better browser based game...
A much better browser based game... 6 Years, 5 Months ago  
Any of you who read This Thread will know that I am not a big fan of Bite-Fight (A Lycan vs. Vamp text-based battle game)... ANd I cannot in good concience reccomend it. In fact, I feel that the myriad of Browser games popping up on MySpace are considerably better.

However, there is another much more fun browser game that I can--and do--reccomend called Dark Orbit... It is a graphics instead of text-based interface, has a much larger community, and is high paced and fun space shooter.

THe website is DarkOrbit.Com

You can find me on the American Server.

Company: E.I.C. (Earth Industries Alliance)
Clan: BoP (Birds of Prey)
Ship: QorDaq

This is another one of those play for free, pay to upgrade kinda' things, but the freeplay is plenty of fun it just takes longer to build up your power...

Another fun game I play sometimes--also free to play--and falling more in the Sword & Sorcery/fantasy genre' is Runescape... I am also QorDaq over there...

Runsecape can be found at Runescape.Com

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