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Who are you?
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TOPIC: Who are you?
Who are you? 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
I guess I am the old man of the group. Greg Geilman, 47, San Antonio, TX. Married 8 years, one child - daughter 19. Production Design Coordinator for Judges Guild.
Started buying Dwarven Forge in November. Have 13 sets and 18 misc boxes. We play up to 4 times a week.
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Who are you? 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
I'm Ken, 36, single. I live in Hyannis Mass.. Have a seasonal job with the DPW. Going to driving school to get my CDL and go full time with them. I moved accross state a couple of years back, and I'm having trouble finding a game here. :( I have a whold bunch of DF stuff, but I don't get to use it, trying to figure out a way for me to transport to games.
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Gender: Male Location: Hyannis Mass, USA. Birthday: 03/27
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Deluxe room and passage. Ogres den. Short passage. Room and passage. Fantasy Floor. Traps 1. Traps 2. Wicked additions 1+2. Orc war band, Dungeon Accessories, Medieval Furniture. Treasure and Magic Items. DoE set. DoE room set. DoE WA. DoE HS. Cavern set. Cavernous passage. Caverous chasm. ABS 2. R
Who are you? 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
I guess I'm the youngin' I'm 25 and I live in Ontario, Canada. Nothing much here, hiding my DF purchases from my better half. Currently I'm studying my Masters in Theoretical Physics.

Always wanted DF and now I have the means! YUM!
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Who are you? 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
The name is Tim, I'm 39 years old and single. I'm a Correctional Officer at the Hennepin County Adult Correctional Facilty in Minnesota. I work the night shift 11pm to 7am (probably why I'm still single - kinda hard to find a female gamer who is also a night owl). I also hold a 2nd degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I own my own home in Golden Valley and installed a home theater with in-wall 6.1 surround sound and multi media projector (watching LotR on a 10 foot wide screen in my living room blows me and everyone else away).

Buggeye was the name of my main Everquest character (Troll Shaman on the Prexus server) which I played for over 3 years. Finally kicked the Evercrack habit about a year ago. Been playing Rpg's since 1980. D&D (in all its forms - currently in 3.5e.), Champions, Top Secret, Melee & Wizard, Mutant Chronicles, and a host of computer games as well.

Not sure how many DF sets I own but I'm pretty sure I've spent about $2,000.00 so far and I am probably gonna dump another $600.00 or so this year (depends on how much money I end up spending at GenCon).

My biggest time waster right now is spent trying to achieve the "Next Level" in my miniature painting. I've got over 1,000 handpainted minis and about 500 more that I still need to do. I've always been a proponent of the old joke..... that if I ever finish painting every mini I own, I will probably drop dead on the spot. So, with my current mini buying habits I should be good to go until I'm 140+ years old :P
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Location: Golden Valley,  MN
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a.k.a. Tim Stellburg
CMoN Gallery
Who are you? 10 Years, 8 Months ago  
Named: Jim
Aged: 36 so far
Avacados: Yes
Location: Duluth, Minnesota, USA
Beliefs: I too have a natural distrust of red-headed women. I can't explain it.

I can explain that Glinda the So called Good witch was the most evil character in the Wizard of OZ. She drops a house on a rival, blames it on a kid, gets the kid to melt another witch and leave taking the only wizard left in the realm. And that leaves WHO IN CHARGE!?!!


My Wife teaches religion, ethics and current issues and heads up the diverstity area in her school. We never lack for conversation. We are a Brady Bunch Family and have 4 sons, three married and one granddaughter. I work in the geographic informations systems field (research and smart computer mapping and analysis). I teach martial arts which keeps me sane. hehehehehehe....thor? anyone?

After the great and inspiring community I found here I can honestly say, I don't have the largest master maze collection in the world to my wife. "See, there are others, who have it far worse than I do. Poor sick bastards. I am currently saving for more sets.

Oh, DM, Forgotten Realms, 14 straight years, have placed friend's pet mice in master maze setups with clear plexiglass on top. The cheese lost! :)
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Who are you? 10 Years, 7 Months ago  
Floridian by Default at the Moment but Grew up in Hawaii where I First Began Playing D&D around 1975 maybe... I Was Then Still but a Wee Lad however, and did not Begin Running Games until Highschool in perhaps 1981? I Even had an opportunity to "Teach" a Roleplaying Elective after School, at my High School... We all Got Credit Just for Showing up, Eating Left over School Lunches and Gameing. We Did a lot of D&D, Some Top Secret, and a little bit of Twilight 2000, Aftermath and of Course Traveller... It was Around that time that I Started Working on my Own Sci-Fi Game, which I Continue to "Tweak" Endlessly... We Played a lot of Car Wars and a Game Called Gangster as well... Needless to Say I Have Never "Outgrown" this Phase, have Converted my Wife from a Fine Upstanding Southern Bell From the Carolinas into a Cheese Doodle Loving Game Junky, and Currently Am Brain Washing my Six Year old as Well...
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"To Succeed We Attack!"
Who are you? 10 Years, 2 Months ago  
Hi everyone,

Got the DF bug several years ago, but a lack of funding prevented me from indulging myself then. No such problem this time around, when the good folks of the Science Fiction Bookstore in Stockholm started to sell the range a couple of weeks ago.

I'm 48 years old, and soon to be re-married. I work as a graphics designer and project manager at a translation agency specialising in "typographically challenging languages", like for example Chinese, Thai, Russian, and Arabic, and I also translate on a freelance basis. Ages ago I worked as an editor, developer and translator at Target Games, the Swedish game company that brought Doomtrooper, Mutant Chronicles and Kult onto an unsuspecting world... Since then I have translated books by Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman and Marion Zimmer Bradley among others.

My gaming is focused on Space Ork Speedfreaks (Warhammer 40.000), spending much, much more time building rickety vehicles than actually playing the game! If I'm not playing around with the minis I'm usually found at a larp event, or playing Magic.

The family consists of my fiancee, Monica, our two guinea pigs and a rabbit. If you follow the link to my webpage (in Swedish, though), you'll find a cute picture of the two of us at the larp where we met two years ago...

I'm also a semi-professional photographer, and some of my photos can also be found on my webpage. If you click on the �Olles sida� link on our combined starting page you end up at the Willypold page. Willypold was my character's name at a science fiction larp in 2002, combining larp with a music festival in a post-apocalyptic setting... Look for "Futuredrome" at the end of this link for some pictures from that event: www.geocities.com/willypold/lajvbilder.html
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Who are you? 10 Years, 2 Months ago  
Just two weeks ago i turned 33, :sob:, and actually about the saeme time got into DF.

I started playing D&D back in 1980 in Detention of all palces, we actually got in trouble and caught so we could all have a time to get together to play. It was the Purple box of D&D!!! Since then things have been hit or miss, my dad was in the navy so after being born in NY, moving to RI, Iceland, Virgina, and New Hampshire he finally retired. Got back into RPG's while in high school and much more in college. I started DM'ing back then too, and did so up through the long years of grad school. It was in grad school that i Finally got to play the SWRPG, while i like D&D and play ot more often than the SWRPG i much prefer the SW universe, and had owned just about every WEG book they put out, just never played it, a Lab partner in a Population Genetics class was running a game so i joined it... After Finally finishing Grad school anf getting a Job i moved to the Craptastic state of Connect-to-stuff and that is i believe it's real name, becuase having lived here for the past 4 or so years i am convinved that the only purpose of the sate outside of Hartofd is to provide a buffer zone between NYC and Boston. there has to be a whole state to keep Yankees and Red Socks fans from killing each other... Now that the Red Sucks have finally won something i fear CT will loose it's function and be taken over by Rhode Island.

I work at the University of Connecticut in a Genetic lab, doing things with DNA that you probably don't want to know about. I have always objected to the term Mad Scientist becuase i'm just not that angry, are not controlled by violent emotions, not foolish, don't have a strong enthusiasm for, Boisterously gay about sciene, or even affected by rabies... Insane is just one tiny aspect and well it just doesn't do it for me.

I so far have not bought any of the "Fantasy/MM" sets of Dwarven forge, My intrest is largely in the Sci-Fi sets. While i Play and DM regulalry D&D i really want the Sci-fi stuff becuase i feal it is a market that is under explored. Far to much of the material out there i think is more geared for straight skirmish aspects of the Mini Terrain, and i want some more RPG stuff.

The new SW minis have gotten me into the DF Sci-fi as either Diorama or RPG, or skirmish stuff so keep the Sci-fi rolling.

Avacadoes while a nice Fruit do little for me, Lisa Simpson would have to be my favorite Simpsons character.

Currently un attached which is odd becuase for some reason before moving to CT i dated many women from the state, i think all of the sane ones left...

Well thats it...

PS buy SW minis...
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More Sci Fi Please, request a DEAD END for Sci Fi Passages
Classes of the Old Republic
Some RPG and mini stats including the Exodus and AAT (along with good source of a Mini scale version of the AAT).
Who are you? 10 Years, 2 Months ago  
Name: Phillip Price
Age: 35
Location: Queensland, Australia
Things in common with other DF forum posters: A distrust of Red-Haired women.

I started playing D&D when it was first released in Australia some 23 plus years ago. Started of playing 'solo' adventures, but quickly got my friends involved. Have played D&D constantly since then. Have also played MANY other games, tabletop mainly such as Gorkamorka, Necromunda, WH40K, etc. I own pretty much any and all miniature based games I have ever comeacross (Heroquest series, Space Crusade series, etc).

Married to the Worlds best woman/lady/wife for the last 12yrs. Have 2 Sons aged 12 & 10 yrs of age. My wife and children both play D&D RPG, and Skirmish (and all my other games).

Have gotten into the DF craze so recently that I don't even own any (waiting for my first order to arrive), and am going to my FLGS today to purchase another $1800 worth, which will put me on $2500 worth of DF scenery. (Can't wait for my orders to arrive).

Both myself and my wife build scenery (scratchbuild), and have done so for the last 18yrs. (Yeah, we were highschool sweethearts). Am currently 'employed' as a stay at home dad (Zero Income), while my wife works as a registered nurse. (She buys all my miniatures & RPG stuff for me!!!). Before becoming a domesticated father, I worked the last 15yrs as a Systems hardware analyst, and ran my own computer business (building and selling mahines and components).

Other interests; Tae-Kwon Do (1st dan blackbelt), Anything miniatures, Star Wars, computers.
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Too much DF to list in my sig! YAY WOOHOO!
Who are you? 10 Years, 2 Months ago  
Hey I Have to Say it's Kinda' Kewl that Folks Have Started Posting to this Thread Again... (Especially Since You Guys Have Been Quite Active on the Boards Of Late)... Course all this really Means is that it Is Going to be that Much More Difficult to Organize a DF Convention in a Location Accessable to All...<Chuckle>...
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"To Succeed We Attack!"
Who are you? 10 Years ago  
Discovered it right now...

I am Michael!

I live in Austria, Vienna

33 years old

Single (have a girlfriend with 21 - I know it is a bit weird, but well - waking up next to her makes more then up for the "glances" I get sometimes ;-)

I teach Jiu-Jutsu twice a week
(lots of martial artists in this Forum :-)

I play the Bass in a Band called Totentanz (www.totentanz.at)

I play rpg´s since 14 years

I own a house in the 23rd district

Dog - check

Car - check

Ah - my living .. I work as an editor (cutter) and visual FX guy in a small but fine postproduction...

thats it....
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" Grumbil, what is best in life?
... To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of da female badgers´"
Who are you? 9 Years, 9 Months ago  
Check this out- my first post on these boards and it's in the "Who are you" thread. :!:

So, my name is Gabriel and I'm one of those Portlander's of the Oregon type. I ride a bike and listen to indie rock with the best of 'em around here.

I'm 33, serial dater, live in the Hawthorne District (oo - tres hip!), a music geek (can't play anything - just think I can), a movie geek (if they 'aint talkin American... maybe I'll watch it), and a big DnD geek. Been playing DnD since 1979.

I'm a normal contributor and regular poster on the 3ebb.org site. I have been writing reviews on gaming aids - so far I have posted a review on Steel Sqwire templates and Battle Box with a few more in the oven. Been lurking here for a few weeks and decided to drop in and say - "wut up yo?"

I first bought DF stuff in 2001, when I had what I thought was a stable job. I then got layed off a few times, reeducated myself and finished some schooling, worked as a bouncer at a rock club, and got a much more stable job in the law field (not an attorney but I know a few). I have just recently rediscovered my love for AC/DC and Dwarven Forge products and use them in my long-running DnD campaign - 4 1/2 years and finally killed off the last original character - just missed my first TPK :twisted: ... I'm not really that mean. My philosophy is to play the DnD game I wanted to play in my younger years, especially now with all the great stuff available and all the miniature accotrements now... whoa... you can have some killer looking games and wow players with great table interaction - which in my opinion enhances and promotes great roleplaying. I'm now getting close to the game of my dreams.

I've only got about $300 into DF stuff, but more... much more will be going into it.

Thanks for reading!

edit- oh, almost forgot: I am also an Aikido dude and -why are you guys so mistrustful of red-head girls? (as I rub scars all over my back and chest and face)
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