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Burning Yeti Kickstarter
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TOPIC: Burning Yeti Kickstarter
Re:Burning Yeti Kickstarter 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
..this whole KS is all about these guys being able to present complex role play modules in a new and improved multi-media format... Right ? All I want is for them to demonstrate this and not just mention it 'as though in passing'.

Good to get a link to the MP3 sample. The spoken sound quality is good and clear and not over acted. Nice.
I suggest they add the MP3 link to their KS page if not already done. It is was one aspect that is listed as a feature and is worthy of a sample demonstrating to people who are looking (as I was) for one or more...
Q. I wonder if there will be any background effects ? (Crowded bar etc.)

I for one have still not seen the PDF that is mentioned and that is because as a generally rule I do not enter/ supply my email address on sites I have no idea who they are nor clear security and no share policy listed. Now that may just be me... but I am certain other people are equally protective of their email addresses and have given up at that same screen.
IMHO - That content should have been show cased from day 1 on the KS page. Be that a few pages grabbed as images or whatever. Not ONLY from a link.

Now I have backed about a dozen or more KS projects over the years I have gained the reasonable expectation that each one is a complete presentation. That all of the Video/s + text + images + samples etc are all right there on the KS from the outset. I have never had to supply my email address. Never had to find a link to an audio file on a different forum etc..

If that .PDF / sample extracts does become directly accessible as a link in the same way the .MP3 or a page that I can visit - I will happily take a look.

I mean this all as constructive criticism of the KS. The way i see it - make me happy and make others happy who are not post or commenting but just passing it by.
I am still hopeful to be shown just how fantastic this is and worth my money... But no. I am still not going to give out my email address.
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Re:Burning Yeti Kickstarter 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
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Re:Burning Yeti Kickstarter 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
It's a fair point on the e-mail address (though it's easy enough to get around if you don't want to give your actual e-mail address.)

In any event, we've since changed the download to make it readily apparent that an e-mail address is optional.

The reason we can't just put the file directly on Kickstarter is that then, by default, most browsers will open in the PDF in browser, and since this is an interactive PDF designed to be opened with Adobe Reader, that would cause issues (and not prevent our sample in its best light).

The comments are definitely appreciated.
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Re:Burning Yeti Kickstarter 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Oldmanwillow wrote:

I am not sure why there is not more interest here. It seems like what the doctor ordered

My interest is low because it is a narrowly focused project that doesn't meet my gaming needs at all--

Dwarven Forge Terrain? OK, that piques my interest of course.
Reaper Bones Minis? -- Ummm, I don't own those and won't ever, so....
Made for Pathfinder? -- Well, I don't play Pathfinder or 3.5. I only run DCC/OSR/D&D1e campaigns. Guess all those stats are pretty useless for me.
The whole point of these emodules is seamless convenience, and converting all the stats, spells, etc. is a no fly zone.

The idea is great, and interactive digital modules are probably the direction that RPG adventure makers should be heading. The game system disconnect kills it for me though.

I'll say this: Dungeon Crawl Classics has a rabid fan base that just forked over 30,000+ $ for a module (that turned into a box set) and has already chalked up about 20,000 in its first 7 days of its new DCC adventure box set KS campaign. I think if the Xon adventure was made for DCC or at least had a DCC version, it could rake in a decent amount from that crowd. The whole Bones/DF terrain thing might not even be necessary.

Anyway, just my take on this venture. A great concept, but the focus is narrow (DF and Bones Minis and PF needed to get "maximum" synergy) and aimed only at a rules system with an enormous number of products competing for people's cash. I hope it succeeds, but it may need another round of KS campaigning and promotion to get it done.
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