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More Caverns
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TOPIC: More Caverns
Re:More Caverns 1 Year, 5 Months ago  
I think it depends on the number of different pieces you're planning on.

For rooms, we only needed corner, walls, and floor and its good that they look regular and consistent.

For caverns, we don't want things to look as regular/repeated. (At least if the caverns will fulfill a similar niche as the existing resin caverns) We'd want several different corners, walls (floors can probably be repetitive). I think that 2x2 probably gives more likelhood of having 2-3 different walls and corners, but I think builds would still look a bit too repetitive for nature unless it can be pushed to 4-5 of each. 4x4's would need 2-3 copies of each, and a few extra shapes, so that's probably getting infeasible. However, you don't notice repetition quite as much in the 4x4s....

If the caverns will be more like "dirt excavated" caverns rather than limestone, I think the 2x2 is a clear winner since you don't need the irregularity as much.
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