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Basic Mini Painting Questions
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TOPIC: Basic Mini Painting Questions
Basic Mini Painting Questions 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
I've read about the quick-shade method for years where you block-paint your mini with the basic colors you will use and then seal/shade it with a dark stain like Minwax Tudor.

Recently, I noticed that all my D&D pre-painted minis seem to have a basic black wash.

So would this be a great beginner method to paint? Just paint the basic colors/area and then shade the whole mini with a coat of Reaper black wash?

If I did that, do I need to still clear-coat/seal the mini? If I use reaper paint will it hold to primed plastic really well, not chip, and not need a protective coat? (GW plastics or the softer Reaper bones plastics). It seems like from my experiments that using a stain makes the minis really shiny even when I use a stain that is not supposed to do that.

If I do any mini painting, it will be all Reaper paints that I use. I have a whole list from 2 years ago of the exact colors I would use for basically anything.

How do you apply the wash? With the dip method all you did was dip the mini in the stain or brush it on which is very easy.

Lastly, how much should I dilute the paint/wash before applying? Two drops everytime etc.?
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Re:Basic Mini Painting Questions 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
Washes and drybrushing are the two techniques every painter should master. For basic washes, just thin down some dark brown with water and brush it liberally over the mini letting the excess run off. You can buy washes from Reaper, GW, etc but basic paint gets the job done.

As for dipping, you can either buy the Quickshades by Army Painter (get the middle tone if you do) or just get a can of Minwax polystain. The results are identical and Minwax is way cheaper plus you get more of it. I have found that brushing on the dip works better. Just cover the mini entirely, top to bottom, and make sure you get it from all angles. Use a cheap brush and have some mineral spirits or other paint thinner on hand to clean your brush after. After applying it, use a clean brush to blot off the pools of stain that will accumulate on the flat and low parts of the figure. Let it dry overnight and then hit it with a spray coat of matte finish. Army Painter makes a good spray matte but you can get some at any hobby type store.

I use the dip mostly for improving the look of prepainted plastic minis and sometimes for figures I buy from ebay that have mediocre basic paint jobs.

If you end up with too much stain on a part of the mini after it begins to dry, use a brush with some some paint thinner to thin it down. Experiment with a few minis before you do a big batch of them. Once you have it down to results you like, you can dip stain dozens of minis very quickly.

Hope that helps.
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Re:Basic Mini Painting Questions 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
I've had great luck with Dip (especially MinWax Polyshades Satin Tudor 360’, from Ace Hardware). I tried brushing it on, but that didn't work as well for me.

I've had good results with dipping the miniature all the way in using needle-nose pliers, then shaking the excess off into a paper bag.
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