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Miliput, Greenstuff, or ProCreate??
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TOPIC: Miliput, Greenstuff, or ProCreate??
Miliput, Greenstuff, or ProCreate?? 1 Year ago  
hello all another sculpting/clay question. Ive been mainly using sculpey then i moved to supersculpey firm, now i think id like to get some 2 part putty to do some layering on things like treasure chests and other little projects i was thinking about getting some standard miliput to start off with mainly cause of the price (10 dollars including shipping on ebay for a pound) and i dont know how much im going to waste trying to learn the new medium lol. Having said that what does anyone else think? Would it be a good step?
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Re:Miliput, Greenstuff, or ProCreate?? 1 Year ago  
I only have experience of Milliput - both Regular and Fine.

I use it to 'fill' the larger cracks and crevasses in large figure construction (Dragons etc) as well as use it to better mount 'slot' & non slot figures to their plastic bases adding both weight and stability.
I find it easy to sculpt a circa 2mm to 4mm layer of Milliput into 'Grass' or 'Stone floors' or 'Wooden planks' etc. and easily blend it with any metal aspect of the base such that it is seamless.
You get some 3 to 5 hours of 'play' once mixed and a small amount of water added to give you a really fluid 'clay' like substance was also very useful for fine and very thin layer areas.

I have however never sculpted anything bigger than the odd coffin / mushroom / treasure chest. Nor have I any experience of the other products you mention.
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