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Inspirations on custom storage solutions
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TOPIC: Inspirations on custom storage solutions
Inspirations on custom storage solutions 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
When I asked about storage before, biowizard linked in several canonical threads:

All of which were very helpful. Since that time I've decided to pursue a custom solution for storage, plus a RUB (or similar) solution for travel.

Since I'm speccing out what a complete solution would look like, I'd like to hear what others think would be awesome. :)

My current vision is combining storage space for DF, dice, minis, sourcebooks, and some pre-made buildings. Along with trying to work in some effective work space for world building/encounter planning -- prototyping builds more or less at the storage space.

I should add that in my current apartment I don't have space for a dedicated game from -- I do have space for a dedicated "craft" room, where most mini painting occurs, some chainmail jewelry, HA construction, etc. This is room that the storage unit is going into. Gaming either happens at work, or on a normal dining room table in another room. Longer term I'm planning to buy a house where a dedicated gaming room will be a requirements -- once that happens the ability to prototype at the storage unit might not be as needed, but I suspect will still be useful.
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Re:Inspirations on custom storage solutions 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
I like sliding storage; either in racks, cabinets, etc. Basically a tray mounted on drawer hardware so that after opening the cover I can slide it out giving me access to the entire surface more easily. The cover can be a breadbox style rolling door, a levered door that recesses above, side opening cabinet doors, etc. The slide out trays give you equally good access to the entire storage space, which is what I like about them.

Trays can have liners placed in them much like tool drawers and cardboard can make an excellent divider that is customizable, affordable, and readily changed. You can also dress the dividers up with paint, fabric, or more of your liner material if the look of bare cardboard is not for you. They even make real cork coated contact paper.

With a little skill you can easily pick up drawer hardware and make your own sliding trays with a bit of plywood to go into an existing cabinet that you get second hand to conserve cash.

For minis, shot glass racks are nice if you want them displayed. There are free plans online to make your own racks even. You can also save jewelry packaging. It often has the right size and sometimes even has foam you can use for protection. The part sorting and storing systems at hardware stores also come in sizes that are perfect for mini storage and go on sale several times a year. They can be fit inside of and on top of existing storage.
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Re:Inspirations on custom storage solutions 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
With DF I keep mine on deep shelves. Unfortunately some are stacked 2 sets high so I have to mess about to get a particular set from the shelf. Ideally I would buy more of the deep shelving. But the combination of single height and double height DF boxes vex me somewhat.
I have found this IVAR range with 57cm deep shelves from IKEA the best for my storage room:

About 90% of my collection are in their original boxes. The rest (like many others) are then stored in 'Really Useful Boxes'.

A set of Draw or some such for DF.
However for Houses I like Shelves. So you can see them and review their relative heights etc.
(+ Some are 1 story tall and others 3 or 4 stories tall)
For figures - you need to see them to select. Mine are mostly 'on their backs' in either bespoke custom cut foam or KR Multicases. (Which over the years I have found to be the best for both quality, flexibility and that they have such a comprehensive range of foam options available:

(A video I made that shows of the cases and how they look and feel and weigh when full of many metal 25/28mm figures. A glimpse of a small selection of my figures. ;) )
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Re:Inspirations on custom storage solutions 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
Here is my pervious forum post on this topic, which was inspired by Biowizard's original forum post. Maybe this can give you all some more idea's on storage?

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