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Got my DF loot today!
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TOPIC: Got my DF loot today!
Got my DF loot today! 1 Year, 8 Months ago  
I resisted spending $$ on Catacombs, as I need to save it for the Cavern Sets when come back in stock. I have to prioritize my funds towards the sets that will see more use at the table.

Speaking of Cavern Sets, in preparation for 6 months from now, I did get the Chasm and Lake Expansion Sets. They just...look...so...damned...good. Now I want the caverns even more!

I picked up a 2nd room set for myself, I realized I needed it the last time we gamed...I didn't have enough pieces to make just a single room!

And Wicked Additions #2...ohh...those 6" wall pieces are like gold. It will be so much easier to assemble larger rooms now. Not to mention the spiral stairs, the fountain, the descending stair pieces. So much good stuff here. And speaking of the Spiral Stairs...how in the nine hells did Stefan manage to sculpt that thing?

Now...the long wait for the next container.

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Re:Got my DF loot today! 1 Year, 8 Months ago  
I played for the first time in 3-4 months a few days ago and trotted out RotA for the first time. To say the least, my plyers were impressed. They damn near s@*t a brick when the hidden passage slid open and the mouthpiece of their patron goddess revealed himself for the first time.

And I feel your pain- I too have to save money and prioritize which sets would be most useful over the ones I personally find most beautiful. I still don't have any of the lake or river sets. I keep buying limited edition stuff so I don't miss out or to ensure I get limited edition extras (like the RotA entrance, Hellscape transporter, etc).
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