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Polystone or Similar - Where to get it in UK or Eu
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TOPIC: Polystone or Similar - Where to get it in UK or Eu
Polystone or Similar - Where to get it in UK or Eu 2 Years, 9 Months ago  
I know our beloved DF is cast in Polystone, but have you ever tried to search for some? Not sure if it a brand name etc, but you don't seem to be able to get it, certainly not easily in the UK, unless I am failing with my google fu, and searches..

If anyone knows where you can get some. I want to make some custom pieces, and I like the durability of my DF stuff. Not bomb proof, but being Mr Clumsy, I have sent the odd piece flying off the table, and so far, they have bounced quite well. Though I of course don't recommend, people emulating this.

I want to make a bridge, some other pieces, for a game I have inmind. I have played with casting terrain peices for wargaming, in the likes of dental plaster and some epoxy resins. But I was wondering if any one knew if its possible get small quantities of polystone resin here in the UK or EU?

It would be nice to get the same feel, text properties and durability. I did consider, using some milli put and free sculpting some of the bits I want to make onto some of my DF pieces. But the idea of damaging, my DF, either purposely or by accident is just a night mare.. (muttering, my precious, oh my precious loudly).. :)

Didn't really know where to put this post, so it wound up here. Hope thats ok.

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